Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Lip Balms Review

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Lip Balms
On the left is Specks of Cherise with Sip of Pink on the right.


Winter weather can really do a number on the condition of our lips.  As a result, I am never without lipsticks, lip gloss and lip balms.  These are staples to add color as well as keeping my lips from drying out.  However, I had never tried any of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Tinted Lip Balms until two of their Dazzling Sip Tinted Luxe Balms arrived.

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Lip Balms swatches
Here I swatched both lip balms for you with Specks of Cherise (left) and Sip of Pink (right).


The line of three includes Sip of Pink (raspberry pink tone with some warmth to the shade), Specks of Cherise (deeper, but sheer berry-red on the order of crimson-red cherries) and Pinch of Nude (light beige nude with gold).  Each lip balm retails for $31.00.

These Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Lip Balms have a lip treatment, color and anti-aging skin care built into the formula. You may think this sounds pretty much what any lip balm promises.  I was of that opinion at first.

Yet, this product has an Ecocert-approved active complex for hydration with sunflower oil among its other oils and waxes that does exceptional restoration for hurting lips while delivering flattering color in a lightweight formula. My lips felt smoothed, comforted and quenched for a longer period while staying beautiful without the feel of any heavy, waxiness to them.

If you’re torn between lipstick to beautify and lip balm for its soothing moisture, then look no more because Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Lip Balms solve that problem. Check them out because this lip caring formula makes winter weather bearable again!


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