Quality Makeup Brushes That Can Perfect Your Look

Quality Makeup Brushes That Can Perfect Your Look
The right makeup brushes can boost your beauty.

Have you ever noticed why some women seem to look impeccable when it comes to their makeup?  Despite using the same products, the results can be entirely different just because of application.  Today, I want to tell you about some new makeup brushes from luxury beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge that can help perfect your look.

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Quality Makeup Brushes to Match Your Needs

The Powder Brush (001) is soft, plush and made of goat hair with an oval-shaped head and a black wooden handle with matching ferrule.  The hairs do a great job of grabbing onto powder without causing a powder storm when tapping off the excess.  You will also find this brush handy when applying bronzer to highlighting powders.  This brush runs $54.00.

The Face Contour Brush (012) is another fantastic brush that is made of squirrel hair. The size of its brush head of dense, firmly packed hairs makes it well suited to pick up just enough contouring powder without overdoing it to simplify your application.  This brush goes for $56.00.

The Highlighter Brush (014) is a versatile brush for using with powders and liquid formulas, being made of synthetic hairs.  It is doomed, but not as fluffy soft as the powder brush.  The hairs are dense enough for handling the powders but just as wonderful for more detailed closer work with liquid formulas.  It sells for $33.00

The Large Shader Brush (003) is for using with eye shadow that is made of pony hair with a flat head.  You can use it with eye shadow powders to wet formulas.  It maneuvers wells, keeps powder clinging so it doesn’t land into the eyes, and smooths either dry or wet shadow beautifully.  This brush retails for $26.00.

The Blender Brush (016) is an eyeshadow brush with a rounded head that has synthetic hairs and a longer black wooden handle.  This is excellent for blending and blurring out eye shadow for a speedier application.  This brush sells for $30.00.

The Eyeliner Brush (013) is ideal for lining the eyes with liquid liners for an extra fine line.  It has sable hairs and really does keep the line precise and thin.  This brush sells for $16.00.

The Shader Brush (015) has a foam rubber head with a long lotus wood handle for using with eye shadow powders.  I found that it collects the pigment quite well.  This brush retails for $12.00.

I loved adding these new Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup brushes to my brush collection because they did give me beautiful results.  These beauty tools can also do the same for you or anyone on your holiday gift list.  My advice  is to visit the company’s website and check out any of these makeup brushes!  You also might find it helpful to read my earlier makeup tip on how to determine the best quality of makeup brushes.




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