SofTOUCH Purifying Complexion Brush From Earth Therapeutics Review — For a Better Clean

This brush has microbial properties in its bristles!

Something amazing about charcoal infused bristles is that they do more than what you may expect from a makeup or cleansing brush.  These treated bristles like the ones in Earth Therapeutics Purifying Complexion Brush have microbial properties for added complexion benefits over plain bristles.

Here is what this brush looks like.

Due to this technology, this brush is specially designed with ultra-soft bristles to gently exfoliate away the outer layers of dead skin to unclog pores. The embedded infusion of medicinal bamboo charcoal enhances the cleansing process by drawing out impurities and helps remove excess surface oils and bacteria that may dull the complexion for deeper cleansing without irritation than your typical cleansing method.

If your complexion has breakouts or is excessively oily, I really think this brush could help. You might also want to try their Pure fx Charcoal Cosmetics Brush Set ($15.99), which I reviewed earlier because it really is an awesome set that I keep turning to ever since it arrived that can also keep your makeup application more sanitary.  

At $9.99, the Purifying Complexion Brush also makes an ideal stocking stuffer.  Check it out at Earth Therapeutics website.


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