DIY Eye Puffiness Beauty Fix That Works

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You won’t believe how fast this DIY eye puffiness beauty fix works until you try it also!


Eye puffiness is a common complaint that many of us have. If you are a regular reader, then you know that I have dedicated quite a few posts to this problem already.  However, I have tried one of the speediest ways to reduce the swelling with this simple DIY Eye Puffiness Beauty Fix that I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

You won’t need anything fancy or distilled water to make this because once you use it, this treatment will be disposed of.  All you’ll need are two ingredients with table salt and plain tap water.

What you do is measure of ½ cups of hot water.   The water temperature should be hotter than warm, but not overly so that you might scald yourself when using it beneath the eyes in a compress.  Keep this in mind.

To that hot water, add 1/4 teaspoon of table salt.

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Table salt is the star ingredient.

Now, you will need cotton pads to immerse in your salt water mixture.  Squeeze out the excess so nothing has a chance to reach your eyes.  Then stretch out for a few minutes (about five minutes or so) on your bed while the salt water has a chance to drain the build up fluids.

The swelling goes down quite quickly.  Usually, I’ve been getting mine down in less than five minutes.  If your puffiness is really bad, just go back to the salt water and wet your compress and reapply for another five minutes.

Honestly, this is one of the best and fastest methods of getting rid of eye puffiness that I ever used. It also is less messy of a method compared to some others that I tried. Try it yourself and I promise that you’ll be just as thrilled with how this DIY beauty tip works!

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