Avon True Color Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Avon True Color Lipsticks
From left to right is Carnation, Rose Dew, Spiced Apricot, Toasted Rose, Proper Pink, Sparkling Mauve, Cherry Blossm, Wild Ginger, Country Rose, Rich Rum, Perfect Red, Red 2000, and Brown Sugar.


I consider lipstick a beauty essential.  The right color can flatter your face, compliment your outfit and make an amazing difference in the comfort of your lips.  The way I see it is you can never have too many lipsticks.  Therefore, I was pleased when a box of Avon True Color and True Color Nourishing lipsticks showed up at my door.

Avon True Color Lipsticks Swatches
Starting by my wrist and going down is Cherry Blossom, Country Rose, Wild Ginger, Sparkling Mauve, Red 2000, Brown Sugar, Rose Dew, Toasted Rose, Carnation, Proper Pink, Rich Rum, Spiced Apricot, and Perfect Red.


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This assortment mostly consisted of Avon’s True Color Lipstick line of satins and shimmers.  Besides stunning color, these have vitamin E, omega-3 oil and shea butter in their formula for moisturizing lips.

Out of the forty shades from that line, I got Carnation (mauve-pink), Rose Dew (soft plum-brown), Spiced Apricot (pink-brown), Toasted Rose (warm pink), Proper Pink, (pale cool pink) Sparkling Mauve (mauve-plum), Wild Ginger (orange-red), Country Rose (strawberry-pink), Rich Rum (brown), Perfect Red (brick red), and Red 2000 (cherry-red).

The True Color Lipsticks have a light scent that reminds me of cherries.  They spread nicely and felt smooth with a comforting feel for about two hours.  Afterwards, the initial moisture seemed to disappear into my lips while the color stayed intact.

I also found two of the True Color Nourishing Lipsticks that have SPF 15 and a deeper moisturizing system due to natural oils and conditioners such as vitamin E and jojoba oil built into the formula.

I received Cherry Blossom (pink-red) and Brown Sugar (rust-brown), but there are eight more shades in the line.  These did keep my lips feeling moisturized longer than the original True Color Lipsticks.  In fact, the more times that I used them, the softer my lips felt.  I also liked the SPF protection in the formula.

You can find both the True Color and True Color Nourishing Lipsticks at Avon’s website.  They retail for $8.00 each.  Check them out!



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