Dieting Secrets That Can Help Slim You Faster

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Regardless of how hard you try, it is hard to stick to a diet after a while.  This is especially true when your weight seems to plateau and stays at the same notch on the scale regardless of eating less.  Instead of letting your frustration with that diet discourage you, I wanted to share some dieting secrets that can help with your weight loss.

Recording Food Intake is Dieting Secret Number One

Some people like to keep a food diary of everything that they eat through an average day.  This includes all the tablespoons you sample when cooking, etc.  I, on the other hand, find that you are more motivated when you see everything that you put in your mouth in plain view such as on a sheet of paper attached to your refrigerator door with a magnet instead of in a notebook that could be out of sight in another room.  This way you can constantly be reminded of your food intake while keeping track before opening the refrigerator to possibly sabotage your diet.  If you’re away from home, then jotting what you eat on a sheet of paper and later attaching that to your refrigerator door to add on to also works.

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Reading Labels for Calories, Fats, Sugar, and Salt is Dieting Secret Number Two

Also, what I found helpful is taking time to read food labels not just the advertising on the box, jar, or can.  The small print with the ingredient list is where truth lies not the blatant claim in large letters that may fool you into thinking the product is healthier or has lower calories than it does.

Dieting Secret Number Three is Treat Yourself Occasionally

Another reason I honestly believe that a lot of people fail with diets is because of feeling deprived of foods they love.  Therefore, you can eat high calorie or high fat like a small piece of cake or ice cream if you use moderation and balance out what else you eat through the day to make up for it.  When you need to eat cake, try to eat a lighter meal of, perhaps, a bowl of soup or hard-boiled eggs, etc.

Something else that I have been doing is eating a piece of fruit or a cup of soup before a meal.  This helps fill you up while adding extra fiber, vitamins and minerals.

I think people fail at their diet because they crash and burn trying to live up to eating habits that are unrealistic in our modern lives.  Try to follow your diet six days a week the best that you can, but tell yourself that one day on the weekend is your “treat” day whether it is sweets or salt that you crave.  If you try that, you’ll be surprised at how much willpower you’ll gain with something to look forward on your “treat” day.

Let me know your thoughts and if you try these dieting secrets because they have been helpful for me.  For more doable dieting advice, you might want to read my earlier post.  I truly hope it works for you, too!



  1. doreen lamoureux
    January 18, 2018 / 2:19 pm

    Great tips. Thanks . Going to try a few of these out.

  2. Jason ellis
    January 18, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    "Another reason I honestly believe that a lot of people fail with diets is because of feeling deprived of foods they love." – I totally agree with your sentiment here. Everyone's body is different and our metabolisms don't all start from the same place when we diet. Sometimes finding your own routine of healthy eating is much more unique to you than you realize. — Just food for thought.

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