Fuego Box Hot Sauce Subscription Box January 2018 Review

What a delicious way to bring on the heat!

The easiest way to add some flavor excitement to your food is through hot sauces.  With Fuego Box, each month is a tasteful new adventure with three spicy, hot sauces that will change how you think of ordinary hot sauce with what they offer your taste buds.

The cost of this hot sauce subscription box is $29.95 per quarter for three different sauces that includes free USA shipping.  The company also provides an informational card about each of that month’s selections and suggests the best foods to enjoy them with.

January 2018 has three more great sizzling finds starting with Hank’s Heat Hank SauceThis is a medium, savory heat that is quite versatile in its blend of cayenne and habanero peppers, garlic, vinegar, and spices.  Feel free to shake on as much as you like without fearing the intensity of its delicious flames.

The second hot sauce this month is from Clark + Hopkins with their Kerala Pepper Sauce. This is an orange-brown that has curry spices along with habaneros and bird’s eye chili peppers along with kaffir lime leaf for a unique taste experience.  I started enjoying this one for the first time on my scrambled eggs.  It also is going to be tested next on my chicken.

The final offering this month is a jalapeno-based hot sauce of Ghost Pepper Verde from Fuego Spice Co. with their Riza Sauce.  This also is a medium heat that goes wonderfully on whatever you usually add hot sauce to.  

Winter is especially a great time to heat up your body, speed up that metabolism and enjoy the delights of hot sauces and Fuego Box.  Check them out because they can help you keep you from the cold!


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