How to Compliment Skin Tone Through Hair Color

How to Compliment Skin Tone Through Hair Color
Do you know how to select the best hair color for your skin tone?



Perhaps, you have been thinking of coloring your hair at home for the first time.  You might be tempted to trust the model on the box with what the hair color shade in your hand is meant to look like.  However, you are in for disappointment because the actual color on the head before any chemical process determines what you will later see.  Therefore, let me share some hair coloring tips about picking out the best hair color shade to compliment your complexion before you hit the drug store.

If you have fair to light skin, then you want red or golden tones in the shade of hair color.  A clue to look for is W (warm) beside the name.   The warmth of the red or gold highlights to that color will brighten up your skin tone much better than N (neutral) shades that are cooler.  Also, I would avoid any color that has Ash to the tone, which makes the color much darker and void of highlights.  Ash colors have a tendency to give warm complexions a drab appearance.

For the best results stick within one or two shades of your original hair color.  This choice gives the most natural results instead of appearing obvious and fake.

Another thing that I learned is not all complexions are ideal candidates for blonde hair, especially for those with yellow undertones and on the fair side.  Blonde hair is beautiful on others, but horribly clashes with skin such as mine.

Those with a medium complexion, whether warm or cool, seem to have more color to play with.  With that slightly darker skin tone, you could wear warm or cool tones.  Look for the W or N (neutral) on the hair color box.

For those with olive or a dark complexion should try a warm shade of hair color, but particularly a rich golden tone such as a burnished honey.  The color will wonderfully enhance your skin.

One last thing, make sure to do the allergy test 48-hours before you color.  This is so important to do each time  because you can develop an allergy to hair color that could send you to the emergency room.  Even if you used the same product without any problem in the past, it is always advisable to do that patch test each time you color.


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