How to Defend Your Shower Curtain From Mildew

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To keep her plastic shower curtain or liner mildew-free, I had a friend that used to wipe it down immediately after each shower.  The only problem is as soon as you finish, you feel like you need another shower. However, I tried something else that worked much better to defend my plastic shower curtain that I thought you also should try.  

Before I hung a new plastic liner, I treated it first in a salt solution in my bathtub according to the directions I learned from one of my friends that visited over the holidays.  What I did was to fill the tub about half way full with water before dumping in two cups of salt and that plastic liner.  

You need enough water to fully immerse the shower curtain.  If it keeps popping up, then make sure to weigh it down with something because it has to remain in that treated water for at least an hour before hanging it.  I used some full plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, which served to anchor it down.

The purpose of bathing your fresh plastic shower curtain or liner first is because the salt solution will leave behind a transparent coating of sodium crystals to repel mildew spores from attaching.


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