How to Get the Best Fit of Boots

How to Get the Best Fit of Boots
A thick heel may appear to be made of wood, but it could be hollow ands extremely slippery in the snow.  I know because I made this discovery upon falling.


If you’re thinking of heading to the mall to shop for new boots, then you’ll have better luck bringing home the pair that you love when you remember to do a few simple things.  The first is rethinking the time that you want to shop.

Feet swell the more you stand on them throughout the day.  Therefore, shopping for new boots or shoes is always a better idea in the evenings than a weekend morning or afternoon.  Stopping in at the store to try boots on after work will give you a more realistic fit after being on your feet all day.

Another thing to consider is packing a pair of socks or tights to take with you before you shop.  Stores will only supply a flimsy pair of nylon footies, which are hardly thick enough to guarantee an accurate fit. Even if you’re wearing stockings, the socks or tights will give you a more realistic fit.

How to Get the Best Fit of Boots
This style has adjustable detailing that can help the overall look of the leg.

Finding the perfect style for your legs can be tricky.  However, you can solve this dilemma by working around your body’s shape.  For example, if you have legs like a dancer that are curvy with defined muscles, then focus on styles that have a narrow toe base reaching from just above the ankle to the widest part of the calf.

Anyone with slim calves will find boots with detailing such as fringes, bright colors like red that is so popular this year to tall, acid-tinted furry ones, glitter-adorned styles, boots loaded with logos or other writing to unique heels the most flattering.

Perhaps, you try on the boots and still don’t like what you see.  What else that may help is to look for a pair that has details that can be adjusted like buckles or laces over a zipper, which can alter its appearance once your foot is in it.

These are just a few boot shopping tips for making sure you get a comfortable fit that will save you time while making it easier to find chic and trendy styles that look great on you.

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