How to Food Shop and Stay Focused When Dieting


Grocery Cart Preparing for Food Shopping When Dieting
Try my useful method to stay focused to resist temptation at the grocery store while dieting.


Forcing yourself to stick to your diet is a never-ending battle.  This can be especially true when surrounded by all your favorite foods while grocery shopping.  However, I have a few suggestions on how to food shop  and stay focused when dieting that can help you gain more willpower through this necessary task.

The most important thing that you can do is never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  Otherwise, you might find yourself at the bakery counter or reaching for something to munch on like candy bars, cookies, chips, pretzels, etc. to get you through your hunger.

Another thing that I think helps is writing your grocery list at home with all the necessities that you’ll need before you hit the store.  This method will save you from impulse buying even when you pass the women with free samples and coupons of various products that always seem to tempt you with.

This may sound strange, but leave your credit cards at home and only bring a certain amount of money with you that is solely for your groceries does help control spending.  This way you will be forced to only buy those food items that you need.

Something else that you should try is parking further away from the store.  Instead of grabbing the spot closest the grocery store, I like to park further down.  This will save you from wasting so much gas driving for that ideal spot while giving your legs a workout.  Just remember that any exercise is better than no exercise at all.

In the winter, I like to keep a survival kit in my car in case it breaks down.  Inside, I stash blanket, flashlight, little shovel, a box of granola bars, etc.  Nonetheless, the thought of a chocolate-chip granola bar can call to me.  I have been good so far, but you might want to keep track of any hidden food stashed in your car.

If you hid some candy bars or other snacks in your glove compartment or wherever such as those granola bars in your car’s survival kit and are constantly replacing them, then you just might want to take them out.  You can always replace with a food item that you’re not so fond of in case you’re stranded on the road.

What I shared here on how to food shop and stay focused when dieting will only make it easier for you to keep going with your weight loss goals.  Trust me on that because it is working for me and hopefully will help you in the same way, too!



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