How to Multitask Beauty While Showering

Multitasking Beauty While Showering
You can still catch up on your beauty and save time in the convenience of your shower.


We all are so busy these days between juggling work and home that it can sometimes limit how much time is devoted to some important weekly beauty tasks  Instead of falling into this trap, let me suggest how to multitask beauty while showering to get those beneficial beauty treatments at the same time.

Once I take off all my makeup with an oil cleanser or makeup wipe and step into my shower, I wash my face with my facial soap and pat dry before turning to a mask. After several minutes of letting the warm water soothe and open up the pores, it’s time to apply the facial mask.

Usually, I apply one meant for dry skin.  However, I wanted to use a charcoal mask this time after the holidays and wearing heavier makeup since this variety goes deeper into the pores from its ability to draw out any imbedded grime that may be lingering.  If you happen to suffer from acne or an oily complexion, I suggest trying a charcoal mask for how thoroughly it cleans the impurities away and tightens the pores.

Next, I soaped up the rest of me before shampooing, rinsing and gently patting to dry my hair with a towel.  Once I got that out of the way, I reached for the deep hair conditioner that I brought with me and treated my hair before placing my towel turban fashion.

While giving my conditioner time to work, I brought along another product to accompany me to the shower with my exfoliating scrub such as a salt or sugar scrub.  What I liked about either was how much softer it left the skin after rubbing it all over your body.  It also really does help lessen cellulite when you use your fingers kneading over your bad sections like the hips and thighs when done regularly.

By the time I finish kneading my body, several minutes pass.  This five minutes or so is enough time for my deep conditioner to work before I need to rinse it out.

One tip that I want to share is if you have coarse, thick hair or curly hair with a lot of frizz to it you might not want to rinse that conditioner out all together.  Leave just a little still in to tame the hair more, which I do.

Afterward, all there is left to do is follow up with usual body and facial skin care products.  This method to multitask beauty while showering really helps for speeding up the beauty treatments that you just might otherwise neglect due to the lack of time.



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