Organizing Bills Can Save You Time Later

organizing bills gives this woman a headache
This post on organizing your bills can help save you future bill paying headaches.


Instead of letting your bills overwhelm you, you need a system to keep ahead of the game.  When you get one in place for organizing bills, you will save yourself a lot of headaches and time for more enjoyable activities.

Here’s what you might want to do.  As soon as the bills come in, I like to write the date the bill is due.  Afterwards, I file them in a special folder or organizer in order of priority to get ready for payment.

As soon as one bill is paid, I transfer it with how I paid with check number and the bank along with date of payment to my file cabinet in the proper category.  If you do this  immediately for each one that arrives, then you won’t have a pile of bills accumulating to sort through later.

Organizing bills in this way does help simplify the bill paying process.  After all, you need to do it anyway so why allow this tedious chore to occupy more of your time than absolutely necessary.  I have so many other pleasant things that I would rather do.  How do you feel on this subject?



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