PUR Cosmetics Correcting Primers (Redness Reducer, Hydrate & Balance, Dark Spot) Review


Correcting Primers
Correcting primers can help perfect the look of your makeup while caring for the skin.


Using a primer can only enhance the look of your makeup.  Regardless of your skin type or issue, PUR Cosmetics has a variety of correcting primers to counteract and provide the solution for a beautiful face such as the selection the company sent to me to sample.

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One thing that I admire about this company is that all their healthier formulated products are cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, and vegan.  This concern for well-being extends even to the containers they use, being free of Bisphenol A (BPA).

The first primer I want to tell you about is their Redness Reducer, which is a green color in the tube.  I don’t have any redness from rosacea to compare this product with, but my mother does.  Therefore, she was the tester. Besides liking how easy it was to blend, she loved the way this primer calmed down the redness without any irritation with its aloe vera on her sensitive skin.

I also got a tube of their Hydrate & Balance Corrective Primer.  This is the blue mattifying primer that is free of both oil and silicone that is ideal for oily or acne prone complexions with its salicylic acid.  Though I don’t have oily skin, I always start with a moisturizer before priming.  Even with the added moisturizer, this product will prevent oil from shining through for hours.

The last one I received was their Dark Spot Corrector.  This is the orange tinted one that works wonders on dark circles and any spots such as hiding remnants of a pimple with its Walthena leaves, vitamin B3 and lubricating babassu oil.  It covers, moisturizes and brightens without piling on the product.  In fact, use it sparingly for the best results.

If you’re looking for  correcting primers ($33.00), you’ll find PUR Cosmetics could have exactly what your face needs to perfect it with these three and more.  Check them out!




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