Sara Happ Review: Lip Scrub and Lip Slip Glosses


Here is the Sara Happ Rose Gold Lip Slipp. 

Winter can be especially problematic for drying the lips and leaving them rough.  Of course, you can turn to lip balms along with lipsticks and glosses.  Yet, those products can’t heal flaky lips instantly to provide that ultimate smoothness for your lip color.  However, there is a quicker route to beautiful lips that I discovered lately using Sara Happ luxury lip products for this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.**

Sara Happ Rose-Gold-slip-on-applicator.jpeg
This is golden peach-nude color of that Sara Happ Rose Gold gloss. It has lots of golden sparkle to it.

When you don’t have time to make your own DIY Lip Scrub, a commercial product is convenient.  The Sara Happ Lip Scrub I tried was in Pink Grapefruit.  This is a pink tinted, but vegan sugar scrub with petroleum, vitamin E, nourishing seed oils such as grape and jojoba seed oil and natural extracts. There are also five other flavors available.

Sara Happ Lip-Scrub.jpeg
This is Sara Happ Grapefruit Lip Scrub.

This product has a thick consistency with a pleasant grapefruit scent. I didn’t use much, because less is more when it comes to this Lip Scrub.  All I did was apply some product to my clean lips, then massaged over the lips in a circular fashion before removing with a tissue.  This scrub and the gentle workout improve circulation from the healthy color my lips gained while ridding them of any dry, flakiness.

Sara Happ also provided a few of her Lip Slips as well. This formula has a slight, sweet vanilla scent.  It is a moisturizing gloss that is thick, but not overly so or sticky when applied with its doe foot applicator that does satisfy lips.

Sara Happ Pink-Lip-Slip.jpeg
This is The Pink Slip.

The Pink Slip is a medium warm pink that is on the sheer side with a slight gleam.  The Peach Slip is warm peach-nude with just a hint of pink. The Rose Gold Slip is a nude with more gold sparkle to it.

Sara Happ Peach-Slip-Gloss.jpeg
Here is another Sara Happ luxury lip product, The Peach Slip.

If your lips could benefit from some luxurious pampering, I suggest visiting the Sara Happ website to check out The Lip Scrub ($22.00) and The Lip Slips ($24.00) shared here in this review.



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