Some Quick Tricks to Keep Makeup Looking Fresher and Radiant Longer

Some Quick Tricks to Keep Makeup Looking Fresher and Radiant Longer smiling-woman
This beauty is always ready and set to glow.


Trying to preserve the look of your finished face can be a challenge during hot, humid weather.  However, a good makeup primer can do so much to keep your look going strong.  Yet, if you want your complexion to continue looking as fresh and radiant as possible through your day, then let me share some makeup tricks that can help you do just that.

Make sure that your complexion has subtle sheen before any makeup goes on.  One easy suggestion is turning to an illuminating primer to pep up the skin with its light and vitality. Another simple way is using a luminous moisturizer or a drop of serum first.  Doing so will be making whatever foundation formula that you’re using more luminous and natural.  Both are tricks to keep makeup looking fresher.

The best way to keep that authentic glow going is only relying on colorless, transparent powder that is sheer and won’t mask pores with heavy, chalky color from its pigment like a tinted powder.  The secret is dusting off the excess with just enough powder to set your makeup.

When you feel the need to touch up your makeup later in the day, you will find it better to mist your face with rose water.  This water has many benefits for the complexion.  It has antioxidants for skin renewal, hydration to gentle cleansing and pore toning due to its antibacterial properties besides calming any irritation or redness since it also has anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Rose water will do more for your complexion overall then masking over your stale makeup with powder.  The tip of a beauty blender works well for adjusting makeup that found its way into creases.

Those with oily complexions may also find it handy to use oil blotting sheets along with the rose water and lightly dab the T-zone.  When I had oily skin, this method of using both products reduced the shine much better than slapping on more powder that would accumulate in spots.

Just tweaking your usual beauty routine just a bit in this fashion is all it takes to give you an overall more lasting luminous complexion.  You’ll be convinced once you try these tricks to keep makeup looking fresher as I suggest.


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