The Best Way to Benefit From a Home Facial

woman-with-beautiful-skin from a home facial
This beauty knows how to achieve complexion perfection from a home facial. 


You may think of facials as a luxurious beauty indulgence for pampering the leisurely rich that is beyond your budget.  However, you can still get wonderful skin care results easily enough with a home facial to improve the look and health of your complexion.

A facial is so critical to a beautiful complexion because it involves preparing the skin first through delicate massage to best receive any skin care product.  The reason gentle fingers can do so much is because of how they work on blood circulation and help move trapped lymphatic fluid to promote its drainage that is causing puffiness as well as dullness to the skin.

What I like to do is to take a few drops of a facial oil or serum and warm first between my palms before gently pressing into my freshly washed skin.  Once the oil is distributed, then I divide my face into sections from the forehead, cheeks to the chin.  I usually start at the bottom of my face and work my way up, but you can do it anyway you want.  Regardless of the section that you target first, you need to slide your fingers along working upward while using a circular motion.  Keep the touch light.  Too much pressure can stretch the skin prematurely.  Continue going to a new section until your finish the entire face.

Now that the oil or serum is properly placed in your prepared skin, you need to further work those nutrients deeper into your hungry complexion through a few more minutes of gentle, circular massage.  Give yourself about three minutes using your fingers as beauty tools to deliver those skin benefits where needed.

Your fingers will be getting tired in about that time so rinse the face off and splash with cool, not cold water.  Once you check out your face in the mirror, your skin will feel softer and have a healthy glow that you’ll love from using a home facial.



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