Eat More Fruits and Vegetables for Clearer Skin

Eat More Fruits  for Clearer Skin
Besides taste, there is a lot of value for your skin from fruits and vegetables.


If you’ve tried everything for improving the clarity of your complexion and lacked success toward achieving clearer skin, then it is possible that your cells aren’t flushing out the toxins as they should. After all, your cells also use those liquids that you drink to perform other normal actions such as breathing, talking, moving, etc. that you might not even realize that you practically exhaust the supply until nearly too late. Promising yourself to drink more water through the day is ideal, but sometimes a challenge trying to remember or to fit in your schedule.  However, there is a simple way to get extra water in your system without forcing yourself to drink it.

Water-Containing Fruits and Vegetables Flush Out Toxins for Clearer Skin

Adding water-containing fruits and vegetables to your diet as well as mineral water can help reverse a  blemished complexion through their detoxifying and healing vitamins, minerals and other beneficial skin nutrients in your quest for clearer skin.

Eat More Vegetables for Clearer Skin
Fresh vegetables pack a lot of skin nutrients. 

The best sources of water-containing fresh fruits are watermelon and strawberries at the top of the list with 92 percent liquid.  Grapefruit has 91 percent water while orange has slightly less at 87 percent just like pineapple. Blueberries have a bit less at 85 percent.  Common fruits like apples and pears are about 84 percent water while the banana has about 74 percent water.

When talking about the best water-containing fresh vegetables, you might be surprised to learn that cucumber and iceberg lettuce have 96 percent water.  Celery is a close second with 95 percent water along with radishes and zucchini. Tomatoes have 94 percent.  Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, and sweet peppers contain slightly less around 93 to 92 percent water while others such as spinach have about 91 percent compared to carrots with 87 percent.

The water from the fruits and vegetables will help remove those continually circulating toxins that might be lingering in your system that prevents clearer skin and save you from feeling guilty about not drinking enough water.  At the same time, the nutrients especially in their raw state are the most potent for skin and its beauty.



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