The Proper Way to Wash Face You Should Consider

proper way to wash face
If you want amazing skin like this beauty has, read today’s post on the proper way to wash your face.


Everyone has their own routine for removing makeup and washing their face.  Perhaps, you find no problem with your method and if it is the proper way to wash your face.  However, tweaking your routine just slightly could be all it takes to help your complexion flourish.

Maybe you are one that just rushes in to grab your waterproof makeup remover and a cotton ball or pad to take off your eye makeup.  Before you touch the bottle, cotton or your face, wash your hands first.  Otherwise, you could be transferring bacteria to the bottle and your stash of cotton balls or pads, not to mention your sensitive eyes.

Taking off your eye makeup and the rest of your cosmetics with another form of makeup remover like a cleansing oil is the first step before washing.  This is because waterproof makeup remover or cleansing oils are geared to totally dislodge hard to remove polymers that were formulated to hold up against moisture.  Soaps and the foaming facial cleansers won’t be totally able to penetrate the skin until this first barrier is breached.

Once you finish that initial cleansing, wash your hands again before testing the water temperature because you want it to be lukewarm, not hot before you finally wash with your favorite cleansing bar or a foaming cleanser. The problem with using too hot of water is that it harshly strips your skin’s natural oils, resulting in dryness or even broken capillaries, especially near the nose.

If you are ready to suds up with a foaming cleanser, you don’t want to overload your face with too much.  One-half teaspoon of the cleanser is sufficient to guard from recklessly stripping your complexion’s natural oils when you take it to your damp skin.  The important thing to remember is technique matters. Instead of just vigorously lathering with your hands, use circular motions while you work, keeping it up for no longer than 20-25 seconds.  The assumption that longer lathering time or more lather will improve your complexion is simply wrong.  All that you’re doing is causing irritation and redness to the skin.

freshly washed face
This beauty and her flawless complexion are a result of the proper way to wash a face.


Give the skin a thorough rinsing with cool, not cold water.  A quick splash is not good enough.  After all, you don’t want to leave a residue that can further alter your pH level.

Check your hairline because grime could get pushed in far corners in spots on the face that you might have missed.  If so, you might want to go over and wash that section again to avoid a possible breakout.

Pat dry with a fresh towel or wash cloth.  Resist the urge to reuse a towel that has made contact with your face and especially your body since it can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

As I constantly mention, I’m a strong believer in exfoliation because it is the step that catches imbedded makeup and grime from deep within the pores that daily cleansing misses while helping shed old cells to encourage fresh ones to surface.  Still, you don’t want to be excessive by exfoliating too often.  Once or twice a week is a safer way to do the deep cleaning and resurfacing and still get great results.

I hope you try what I suggest about the proper way to wash your face because the littlest changes can often make the biggest differences in what you’ll see in your mirror.  Trust me, but once you do that I promise that you will like what you see!



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