Think Carefully Before Considering Laser Eye Surgery


Why You Really Need to Think Carefully Before Considering Laser Eye Surgery  Pixibay Image
Laser eye surgery might eliminate your need for glasses, but also may come with an unexpected cost.


Perhaps, your eyes have suddenly been feeling irritated.  Your first thought might be blaming a new product such as new skin care or makeup and chalk up the problem as an allergy.  Of course, this could always be the case just as staring at the computer for hours on end can also contribute to it. However, you also should be aware that any eye surgery to correct your vision using a LASIK procedure, then chances are you could be experiencing dry eye as a result of any laser eye surgery.

The reason LASIK can be the culprit is because it involves cutting nerves in the cornea to form a thin flap on the eye, which can bring on extra eye sensitivity.

PRK is another method for correction that may be a better choice from risking dry eye because this technique does not make any thin flap on the surface of the eye for the cut.  Instead, this procedure uses an excimer laser to mildly reshape the cornea’s thickness.

Still, you can develop dry eyes from any laser procedure for vision correction.  Therefore, keep this in mind before you undergo any such surgery and do your research first.

Trust me, dry eye is no fun and requires lubricant eye drops several times or more a day to keep from suffering.  Furthermore, the eye drops can range from $10.00-$12.00 for a tiny bottle to several hundred dollars per month for a prescription like Restasis, which also needs to be done once a day.

It is probably hard to imagine how anyone could possibly ever miss eye glasses, but a family member personally misses her old eyes.  Wearing glasses might make you feel less attractive, but she prefers that to watery, irritated eyes any day of the week.



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