Spring 2018 Makeup Trends Glitter and Glow

metallic eyeshadows spring 2018 makeup trends
Metallic colors are just one way to get your spring 2018 glitter and glow on.


If you like a lot of glitter and gold, this will be your season to shine because they will influence your look heavily for spring 2018 makeup through metallic hues of eye shadows, nail polishes along with gold-beaming skin and frosted lip shades–-besides taking that glitz further in surprising new ways.  I’m talking about adding some super-sized sparkle with sequins or rhinestones glued with lash glue to your eyelids or around the eyes.


Go Low-Key Sparkle Or Maximize Glitter for Spring 2018 Makeup


Glitter and glow for spring 2018 makeup takes many forms from metallic to neon colors.


Those that don’t care to go overboard with that sparkling effect will still want to light up their skin with a healthy glow because a beautiful illuminated complexion will be bigger than ever. You can get that extra edge of radiance to your skin from a glow-enhancing primer and illuminating foundation to some amazing formulas of BB or CC cremes.

To show off that fresh, dewy glow, you can also do it in style with earth-inspired nudes to classic red lips and nails, which also will be quite popular.


Bold, Black-Rimmed Eyes Dominate Along With Glitter and Metallics


Eyes will be haunting thanks to bold black eyeliner with an array of different takes of the cat-eye from how heavy to the placement of the flick to thick, noticeable lines around the entire eye.  Thick flicks will have more rounded edges than a sharper ones as when doing a thinner flick for this upcoming season so keep this mind.

Try adding a dramatic secondary color to rock the black liner or using a silver liner at the inner corners are other exciting new twists to explore.  Also, take your black mascara wand and stamping the top side of each lid to up your game with a zippered pattern to your eyes.

Stamping your lids with your mascara wand is another big trend for spring 2018.

To zone in on those inky eyes even more, eye shadows range from vivid to pastels of lime greens, lilacs, bright turquoise to neon yellows, oranges and pinks, graphically placed to frame the eyes.

Whatever your comfort level is,  spring 2018 makeup offers something innovative and fun for every beauty.


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