11 Tricks for Firing Up Memory and Brain Power

11 Tricks for Firing Up Memory and Brain Power Thinking Woman
A clear mind functions better without distractions.


Forgetting what you may have remembered only a few minutes earlier does not mean that you are automatically losing it or developing dementia.  Since the brain operates much like a computer through its neural networks, it also can misfire.  As information is coming in, the signal occasionally may be delayed in routing. However, this memory loss usually is temporary because of other distracting factors.  Here are some valuable tricks for firing up memory and boosting brain power that can help along with why you might be experiencing this in the first place.

The reasons poor memory could be happening can be from a variety of things.  For instance, you might be preoccupied with another problem or task that causes a disruption of the signal to its new home.

Outside influences like a phone ringing, loud music or voices to a television blaring could dominate your attention in why that thought never registered.

Some people have sharper response time than others to retrieve new brain signals.  Researchers are still uncertain as to why their brains are wired differently.  Perhaps, genetics and diet play a part to explain what is going on, but nothing is conclusive yet.  More studies need to be done.

The good news is that anyone can fire up brain cells for a sharper memory by giving the brain mental tasks.

Instead of taking an easy way out by writing something down like a grocery list, try to make a mental note of what you need.

If names are hard to remember, try associating them with an object.  For example, Joe Carlyski could be Car.  Narrow it further and you could think of a particular model of a car that starts with J like Joe such as Jeep.  Joe Carlyski a.k.a. Jeep Car could help trigger that correct name in your memory.

Learn something fresh whether exploring a new hobby or through a class.  This can help the brain expand into new territories as those neurons branch out in fresh networks.

Read more instead of just vegging out in front of a television.

Challenge yourself with crossword puzzles, brain teasers, riddles, mind-twister games, complicated puzzles to word finder games like Scrabble can make the brain work harder.

Get social and spend time talking more with friends fuels the brain to expand its network.

Go out and meet new people that share your interests in various groups such as a library book group, volunteer group, sewing club, an investment club, etc.

Speak the words out loud when reading has more brain value than when doing it in silence.  If you feel uncomfortable doing that in case you might disturb others, you could always read to sick patients, your own children or grandchildren, children waiting for story time at your local library or Sunday school.

You might not run a marathon, but taking a walk, run, or doing some gardening can help the brain function more efficiently.  Physical activity brings oxygen to the brain while stimulating the brain’s hippocampus where all learning and memory reside to grow new cells.

Eat more oily fish such as wild salmon, mackerel, trout, herring, and sardines due to their ample abundance of omega-3 fatty acids for improving memory retention.

Load up on foods that are rich in vitamin C, B vitamins especially B-12, and antioxidants.

A cup of coffee can assist mental alertness.

Not all snacks can fire up your brain’s neurons in the same way.  You may want to be more selective in the future and turn to brain snacks for better thinking.

Regardless of age, anyone is subject to memory loss.  It is up to us to do what we can to keep active in both mind and body to keep the brain fit and healthy.  These 11 tricks for firing up memory and boosting brain power are an excellent way to start.



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