How to Energize Tired Feet While at Work

couple-in-boots doing foot exercises to energize tired feet
This kissing couple can be doing their foot exercises at the same time to energize tired feet.


If you have a job where you’re standing on your feet a lot or are constantly on the move, then you probably suffer at the end of the day.  However, there are so ways to ease that tired feeling before you get home that could bring you some relief to energize tired feet.

What you can do is to try a few simple foot exercises.  No supervisor will suspect that you are slacking from doing your work  because your toes will be moving in the privacy of your shoes to perform the exercise.

Here’s what you need to try.  Point your toes upward in your shoes and hold that position for a few seconds before flexing them downward. Repeat this about eight times or as often as you can.  Believe it or not, this will help stimulate circulation and give you a little more boost in your step.

There is even more that you can do to energize tired feet when you go on your break or to the rest room.  Do the same above exercise but alternate the routine and stand on your tiptoes when flexing the toes outward and then inward.

Something else that can perk up feet that tire easily is using a wooden foot roller.  Unfortunately, your position might not allow you access to a desk where you could take your shoes off and have your feet beneath to take advantage of that comforting massage of that roller.  Then again, a foot roller can help you later at home.

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