How to Give Your Hair the Best Finish When Styling


This beauty doesn’t take her hair for granted.


We all know that hair can have a mind of its own.  Over the years, I have found some hair styling finishing tips for improving how I finish styling my hair.  Hopefully, these tips will help you as well to guarantee better hair days.

The first hair styling finishing tip involves hair spray. I don’t know about you, but I depend on a little hair spray to keep my style in place.  Regardless of the formula, I found a way to prevent my hair from becoming too stiff.  Instead of just spraying all over my head at once, I found that lifting up a section at a time and aiming the spray at the root underneath is a better method.   My hair stays in place but doesn’t have that hardness that spraying on top gives.

Something else to give damaged hair a lovelier finish is turning to a finishing silicone hair spray.   A silicone spray on dry, damaged hair can give the hair more beauty and make it healthier because it temporarily fills in the porosity.

However, you don’t want to make a regular habit of using a silicone hair spray daily all the time because it can backfire.  After all, it’s sort of a plastic sealant for shine.  At the same time, it weighs hair down and causes a build up of dirt and pollutants that can eventually weaken and dry hair out.  Use it for those occasions when you need your damaged hair to look great until you can give it an intensive repair treatment.

The next of my hair styling finishing tips are for those with a natural curl or waves to their hair. I have thick hair that has natural curl.  The cut I get determines how much curl is released.  When my hair is not as layered, it has more waves than curl.  On the other hand, a layered style gives me a head of curls.  What I like to do is after styling is to pat on a little bit of finishing cream or pomade over my hair.  This keeps the frizz down and holds it in place that I even skip hair spray at times.

Also, here’s another curly hair trick to keep the frizz down.   Try not touching your hair so much when drying does help.  The fingers seem to break up the curl, which causes the problem.  If you try this, then you’ll understand how the frizz multiples from all that touching because the fingers make lots of finer curls.

Take care and I trust what I shared with those hair styling finishing tips will keep you and your hair looking as sensational as ever!



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