Spring 2018 Fashion to Best Play Up Your Figure

woman-on-escalator-shopping for spring 2018 fashion
This beauty knows what to look for when shopping for spring 2018 fashion.


Spring 2018 fashion trends are full of surprises from rubberized clothing and bags to pieces having transparency.  Also big for the season are off one shoulder or peekaboo and puffy shoulder styles, square necklines, feathers, fringes, and ruching along with “in” color of lavender and millennial pink.  Rainbows and bold patterned art print as well as floral that occupy every inch with wild colors are also going to be huge style wise. This is just a taste of what to expect for the next season.  Therefore, if you want the latest trends to flatter your figure, then you might want to keep some fashion tips for your body type in mind before purchasing spring 2018 fashion.

Ideal Spring 2018 Fashion Trends if You’re Bottom Heavy


If you have a pear shape that is bigger at the bottom, your goal is making it more balanced at the top.  The puffy shoulders in the new styles that will be hitting stores can help widen up that smaller part of you to minimize the heavier bottom.  On the other hand, a dress or pants out of that 100% chemically made nitrile rubber that is intentionally cut to adhere to your curves like a glove will only exaggerate flaws such as your smaller top and bigger bottom.  Instead, you might want to consider a looser fit at the bottom like an A-line shirt that is not too wide.  Then again, you can emphasize a smaller top by having fun focusing more on the new neckline styles to the embellished straps of dresses and tops.

Perhaps, most of your problem area is the width of your hips, not heavier thighs or overly expansive booty.  Being the case, you might want to check out all the dark denim sets coming out since dark solid colors can elongate your silhouette to take the eye away from the width.  However, it probably would be best to avoid those nearly transparent sheer spring 2018 fashion styles specifically meant to reveal your panties.


Perfect Spring 2018 Fashion Styles to Compliment An Ample Bustline


Those fortunate enough to have a big bust will find lots of exciting possibilities to show off their assets in striking style from embellished, thicker jewel-like straps to the cut and feathered, ruched or daring swoop of the neckline to sheer fabric styles flaunting your lacy bra.

Best Spring 2018 Fashion to Play Up a Curvy Figure

Then again, you could be a plus-size beauty with lots of curves. Styles molding to your body like the rubber dresses and pants, ruching or skin-tight fits only accent the ampleness of those curves.  A looser design with fabric that flows over the curves can create a more flattering line.  You’ll be inspired by the new pieces in black and white polka dots, mix matching pieces in millennial pink and red to fresh lavender and pastel shades to some of the prints.

Another suggestion for women with ample curves is redirecting the eye upward with a great hat or sunglasses.  Big, bold straw hats with brims that turn, bow, curve or go beyond belief to capture attention will be the rage.    As to the eyes, check out sunglasses that you find on super heroes with sharp edges and riveting color.

What I am sharing here may help introduce you to what fashion and accessories will be showing up in our stores and ways to incorporate those trends with your body type.  What is your take on these new styles for spring 2018 fashion and makeup trends?



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