Guns and Legislators Mixed Ideas of Safety

You can find anything at flea market including a variety of firearms and other weapons.


It amazes me that you need to register for a special license to sell any food product at local flea markets–-at least in Pennsylvania, but you can sell guns and multiple firearms at gun shows without the need to register at all.  Your state may operate in the same way.

Protection or a killing device?

More Regulation of Food Sales Than Guns


You would think that the state is only being careful to watch out for the safety of people from selling prepared foods that could risk their health.  However, I am not talking about those with concession stands, restaurants, etc. that handle, touch and prepare food for their customers.  I am referring to vendors that sell food that is already packaged in boxes and bags or cans like crackers, canned vegetables or bags of potato chips or candy.  These are food items that are never opened and sealed instead of served.  Yet, these vendors in my state and maybe yours also need a license and insurance to sell them at a flea market while firearms get a free pass.

Selling occasionally at the flea market is a fun way to get rid of some extra stuff, make some quick cash, and browse and snag some interesting treasures.  You would be surprised at how many weapons and firearms like an AR-15 to unexploded artillery shells that I have run across.  Trust me, the faces stay the same, but the displays with these firearms change, which means they are replaced and coming from somewhere.  Still, this “gun show loophole” is legal and a way to put more guns in the wrong hands.

Gun Show Loophole 


Legislators give this a pass because of the power behind the NRA and big money.  The little guy at a stand selling bags of chips and pretzels is hardly a danger to the well-being and safety of anyone, but realistically an easy target just trying to make a few dollars.

Since November 2016, 19 states and District of Columbia require background checks at gun shows.  Pennsylvania does require a background check for gun show sales, but only for the sale of hand guns.

H.R. 1612 –Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2017 still is having a long way to go since being introduced in the House in March 2017.

Legislators need to wake up and take action for the sake and safety of their constituents-–not just serve in the best interests of the lobbies that help fund their campaigns.  After all, the more lives that are lost, the more people will unite to eventually vote them out of office.



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