Fuego Box February 2018 Review


Fuego Box February 2018 Photo
Fuego Box for February 2018 packs a lot of tasty heat!

This winter has dealt us nothing but one storm after the next with icy blasts of below normal temperatures, piles of snow and ice here in the Northeast.  Therefore, I honestly eat more hot sauce than ever at this time of year for extra help in keeping me warmer and fuel up the metabolism to burn more calories.  So you can imagine how pleased I was when I heard my mailman struggling with my screen door to keep my latest Fuego Box from falling out when he left it.

**Disclaimer: This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment. Opinions are solely mine.**

If you also value the power of some hot, spicy flavors to heat up, you can’t go wrong with Fuego Box.  A subscription is $29.95 per quarter for three different hot sauces that includes free USA shipping.  The company also provides an informational card about each of that month’s selections and suggests the best foods to enjoy them with.

This month I got three new varieties to experiment with.  The first is Monroy’s Original Hot Sauce (Mango Habanero) that has an orange tint to the red.  You should try this milder sweet and yet tangy heat on scrambled eggs because it is a delicious way to go.

Gindo’s Smoked Garlic Cilantro was the second hot sauce offering this month.  This one is very versatile, but hotter than the Monroy’s with a sweet, smoky balanced heat that greets your mouth with freshness from cilantro.  I first sampled this one on a burger that did a sensational job to jumpstart the flavor better than catsup.

The final contender this month is Smokin’ Ed’s Habanero Blend from the PuckerButt Company.  After tasting this fiery blend of six different habanero peppers, I can certainly see how the company came up with that original name.  This is liquid fire.  Keep some milk on hand to quench the burn, but it is bursting with flavor once you get feeling back in your tongue.

No joke, I never encountered a disappointing Fuego Box yet.  Have you tried this hot sauce subscription yet?




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