Rimmel’s Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners Can Freshen Up Your Look for Spring 2018

Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners
Rimmel’s Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners give the eyes an unexpected edge of fresh color.

One fabulous look for eyes this coming season will be incorporating some holographic color along with black for adding interesting depth to magnify them.  A way that you can experiment with this exciting makeup trend inexpensively is with a new line of Rimmel’s Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners that I got to test out.

Rimmel’s Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners is a line of four double-ended pencils with a lighter holographic side of color and a darker shade on the opposite side that run about $5.49 each.  The shades are 001 Super Nova Sky (inky blue with a whitish-blue-violet holographic side), 002 Galactic Green (blackish green/holographic mint-gold green), 003 Purple Prism (blackish plum/holographic pale pink-violet), and 004 Golden Gaze (blackish brown/holographic gold).

Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners swatches
From left to right is 004 (Golden Gaze), 003 Purple Prism, 002 Galactic Green and ending with 001 Super Nova Sky on the right.


Use Holographic Color Alone or Overlap Deeper Color Can Give Two Different Fresh Effects for Your Spring 2018 Look


You can wear them by lining your top lid with the dark side and saving the holographic end to line your bottom lid.  Another technique to try is using the darker side to circle the eyes before going over them with the holographic color.  This also will add some pizzazz to your eyes for spring 2018.  Either choice really creates an amazing eye.

These pencils glide along the lids without tugging on delicate skin, which is important.  They also are long-wearing and will require eye makeup remover to finally take them off.  Soap and water will just not cut it.

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As to the colors, I thought the 002 Galactic Green was my favorite among the group. It had the most color and played off that holographic side the best for creating stunning eyes in my opinion.

Holographic Duo Eyeliner Offers Startling Color to Freshen Eyes to Update Your Look


I really had fun working with these eyeliner pencils.  You can control the thickness and thinness of your line to build up color or always further emphasize the line with a liquid or pen eyeliner to go bolder.

Have you tried any of these Rimmel Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners yet?  If so, let me know by sharing your thoughts with me.

Find Rimmel’s new Wonder Ombre Holographic Eyeliners at your local drugstore, Target, Walmart or wherever you normally shop for their products.  Check them out.


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