The Growing Epidemic of Bullying


Bullies always have buddies that help them bully.  A bully loses his power when alone.


Bullying can come in all forms from children teasing each other, physically fighting, online harassment to expressing their pent up feelings and rage in violence.  Have you ever wondered though what motivates bullies to act out in the first place?  Is it a sense of empowerment over a weaker individual that drives them to abuse or kill?

Perhaps, this could be one reason just like mental illness can be attributed to any bad behavior after the event is done.  Does this mean the bully was just born bad that he or she could harbor such horrible violence or an abusive nature within?  Or, was this mental illness developing within the individual over a long period?

Another possibility is that a bully himself could have been picked on by others. This could be verbally through hurtful words to actions to embarrass that person before his peers on a regular basis.  Left alone and ostracized for not fitting in, this suffering individual may resort to eventually take matters into his own hands without thinking.  Without intervention, this sets up an explosive scenario waiting to erupt.

Children are especially sensitive regardless of sex, but girls particularly feel ashamed of being ridiculed about their appearance.  Teenage girls take life far more seriously because they just want to fit in and be accepted. They may not have the same confidence, beautiful clothes, or perfect features so each new jab can wound their fragile sense of self-worth to a point of no return such as suicides.

Teachers need training in more than education.  To be sure, they need  more education in psychology as well to adjust to the times in order to help handle bullies and victims.  They need a sharp eye, sensitivity and understanding if they intend to prevent future problems.


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