Valentine’s Day Beauty Begins With Earth Therapeutics K-aesthetics Organic Retinol Skin Care


 Earth-Therapeutics- K-aesthetics-Organics-Retinol skin-care-and-mask
Beautiful skin doesn’t have to bankrupt you.


Before you begin preparing for your big date on Valentine’s Day, the best way to up your beauty is through rest and boosting the radiant glow of your complexion.  After all, you can put on the most expensive brands of makeup, but those products can only do so much when your skin isn’t as healthy, smooth and toned as it can be.

Regular maintenance is essential to nourish and repair to give the complexion that perfect base, which is far better than always relying on a silicone primer to mask skin problems as well as block that natural glow.  With certified organic skin care, you are giving your complexion the promise of a beautiful tomorrow by feeding it pure beneficial botanicals instead of a chemical soup.

A certified organic brand that I recommend is Earth Therapeutics K-aesthetics Korean skin care that I have been using, which are very reasonable as well as effective for helping transform your complexion.

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My first experience was with their charcoal-based skin care and wonderful charcoal-infused brushes to deter bacteria.  If you want a great set of brushes for $14.99, I honestly encourage you to pick one up because it’s a nice selection of quality brushes that I use all the time.

Lately, I have been sampling their K-aesthetics Clair-Gel Retinol & Collagen Mask ($11.99) for a box of three sheet masks.  These are those translucent face masks with the eye, nose and mouth openings that have one side treated with the skin care ingredients of red algae, retinol, collagen, konjac root, seed oils, and aloe vera among other fantastic ingredients.  Not only are these ingredients helpful for anti-aging, replenishing moisture and overall skin beauty, but they also have an ideal protein-like molecular structure to imitate the skin’s structure to penetrate the dermis.

Just like any other sheet mask, I started by washing my face first and gently drying before I pasted this mask on.  It even has wings to help keep the mask more secure.  However, I found the gel adheres nicely to the skin, especially when you smooth out any bubbles where too much of it has gathered.  The directions specify 20-25 minutes, but I was so relaxed that I left it on for about 35 minutes before I took it off.  With this particular mask, no rinsing is required.  Once I disposed of the sheet, I patted in the remaining gel into my skin, allowing it eventually to sink it.

A short time later, my skin looked smoother, rosier and nearly flawless when it came to noticing any pores.  It also was extra soft to the touch.  My complexion responded beautifully from how it seemed to beam from within to the surface.  When you break it down, the cost was just $4.00 with two other times left to go for my complexion to look this good.

Sleep is also important to boost your beauty since this is repair time when your body works to send nutrients to heal and build new cells.  Therefore, a nap before your big Valentine’s Day date is not a bad idea.  Earth Therapeutics also sent along their Dream Silk Sleep Mask ($9.99) with cradles the eyes in softness and darkness once you secure it with its elastic band, which can come in handy to induce sleeping when it’s light outside.

After you return from your Valentine’s Day date, you need to remove all your makeup. A quick solution when you arrive home late is makeup wipes.  Earth Therapeutics sent along K-aesthetics Organic Cleansing Facial Towelettes (mini three pack) that retails for $7.99.  I liked getting the variety included in here with 15 Retinol, 15 Tea Tree, and 15 Collagen makeup wipes.  These wipes took off my face makeup, but they aren’t recommended for use on the eyes.  You’ll still need your eye makeup remover.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for a complexion that looks like it does. With Earth Therapeutics K-aesthetic Organic Clair-Gel Retinol & Collagen Mask, Organic Cleansing Facial Towelettes to their Sleep Mask, you can that improved complexion that you deserve without going broke.  Have you tried any Earth Therapeutics K-aesthetics skin care yet?  Check their website out.


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