Valentine’s Day Romance Spoilers to Avoid

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Being a romantic, the mention of Valentine’s Day can get my heart pounding.  The thoughts of celebrating that cherished feeling with your special someone is enough to make me giddy with pleasure, especially when you’re anticipating what could be in store this year.   My guy has come to be quite creative when it comes to doing the unexpected the more that we are together.  Likewise, I try to return that outpouring of love to surprise him as well.  Regardless of how perfect your relationship may be going, it is always best to remember that life occasionally likes to sabotage us when we least expect it.  Here are some Valentine’s Day “no-no’s,” romance spoilers and some tips to avoid ruining a loving mood.

Perhaps, he promised a romantic evening at a restaurant that is hard to get reservations for because he knew you wanted to go there for a long time.  He could be helping you into your coat or while in the car when his phone starts buzzing from work.  Instead of showing your anger that he forgot to turn off his phone as promised, try not to let your frustration show.   Try to put on a happy face and watch your body language even if he has to return home.

In some lines of work, people can be on call at all hours.  These unwanted calls are romance spoilers.  Yet, others simply need to set some ground rules that work stops past a certain hour, especially on important dates.  A sensitive Valentine won’t criticize.  Be clever in how you subtly remind him of how you value each minute of your date time together.  Make him feel like the most important person in your life.

Another unintentional romance spoiler is planning your guy a perfect dinner when your power goes out due to a storm or an accident by someone driving into the pole with the power line.  Trust me, if you cook with electricity, need to do your hair and get a shower, this definitely ruins the mood.  No one wants to serve their honey a sandwich for Valentine’s Day, but a thoughtful Valentine has to be understanding.

Then again, you could be all set for a big romantic night that you have no idea where you’re going.  All you were told was to wear something fancy because he planned this escape weeks ago.  Of course, you went out and bought the perfect new dress when you learned of those plans about two weeks earlier.  As you start dressing, you suddenly notice that the same dress isn’t fitting exactly as it did in the store and is tighter.  You run for your shapewear, but even the spanx can’t hide those few sudden pounds that snuck up on you.  You feel horrible because your only option is wearing another dress.  Though it isn’t as fancy as your new one, a thoughtful Valentine tells you that you look just as beautiful in everything you wear.

Some other worthy romance spoilers are being ready to go out for your Valentine’s Day dinner when the babysitter suddenly can’t make it.  You call all your relatives and friends for backup without finding a babysitter.  As disappointing as it may be, a good Valentine knows how to make the best of any situation.  After all, you are with your Valentine, which is special just as it is.  A thoughtful Valentine is understanding and does what it takes to put a smile on your face and warm your heart.

Getting sick for Valentine’s Day is hardly anyone’s idea of a romantic evening.  Nonetheless, illness happens such as the flu.  Valentine’s Day plans may need to set aside.  It’s natural to feel disappointed, but a great Valentine is sympathetic and caring.  My advice is this is the time  to play nurse and later when the illness subsides is the perfect time to play doctor.

These are just a few bumps in the road to romance that can spoil your Valentine’s Day.  To all those Valentines, all that I’m saying is compassion, understanding, thoughtfulness, and compliments go a long way to keep the romance burning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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