Why Is the World So Full of Anger and Hatred?

why is the world so full of anger and hatred angry woman

It seems almost every day you turn on the news and see a shooting or another hideous murder such as one family member killing another?  The sad part is unspeakable crimes keep occurring each year. Yet, have you ever asked yourself what is happening to suddenly bring out so much anger and hatred in people?

I am no psychologist or psychiatrist.  However, I do have my own theories about why this unfortunate change can be occurring in our society.  Look at the world we live in.

People Are Under More Pressure Than Ever Fuels Anger

Anymore, you need two paychecks just to survive whereas in the old days one paycheck would be enough to keep a family housed, fed, and clothed.  Today, women have the same amount of stress as men in the old days, but most likely more with juggling household work and tending the family.  Of course, this same working woman has to look good with enough energy left for her guy.  This is one kind of frustrating pressure that can change attitudes of people.

Wages are another reason to fuel the anger.  Have you noticed that the prices of groceries, clothes, utilities, taxes, transportation, etc. go up too fast to keep up?

Ask yourself why the big shots at the top, despite bad performance like what happened with the banking industry to corporate executives that may have lost your private data get big bonuses?  On the other hand, the regular worker is lucky if a yearly bonus will still be given, an IRA won’t be touched to worrying about the safety of their health insurance and retirement.

Regardless of where you work or what your position may be, employers these days may pile more to your workload without any additional compensation.  Perhaps, you are now doing the job of someone that was recently let go.  You may have the option of leaving, but in reality jobs aren’t plentiful in your field so you stay on.  Resentment at this unfair treatment can only build.  After all, you are a worthy employee that deserves respect and consideration for what you bring to that position.  Therefore, this also may contribute to some causes of this anger.

Speaking of the workplace, how would you feel as a boss suddenly being forced to train your replacement?  The replacement was hired because the employer could get away with paying him far below your salary since the replacement was not even a citizen.

Disney World let go employees in favor of hiring lower-wage people with H1B visas. Don’t you get a charge out of the companies always saying they need to bring in all these replacements with H1B visas because there’s not enough skilled workers to fill those same positions?  How is working at Disney World quality for specialized skills maybe operating rides, reception desks, etc.?  The real reason is corporate greed.  This is another reason that many people can become more angry.

Technology Adds to Anger 


If it’s not another worker to replace you, then it’s a machine.  Have you noticed how the stores where you shop, especially grocery stores are starting to encourage self-checkouts instead of hiring a cashier?  I think that is horrible.  I always like to go to a cashier because everyone deserves to have a job. A machine does not need to support anyone.  For example, I went to the grocery store and noticed only two cashiers and all the other aisles were self-checkout.  This frustrated me, not to mention those other people that had to give up their hours or cashier job completely to a machine.

People are wound so tight anymore that if you accidently bump into another at a bus stop, apologies aren’t enough.  I was nearly stabbed by a woman after apologizing when I tried to catch a bus a few years ago.  How sad is that when someone feels it is easier to physically hurt another person than accept a sincere apology?

Another one that is happening too often is road rage.  One summer morning I had my car loaded with stuff to take to our local flea to set up.  It was very early, still not all light yet, when I was driving up this winding road.  A mother raccoon crossed to the other side and her three babies were left on the other.  Anyway, I didn’t want to run them over.  Instead, I slowed down to let them pass, but behind me this car speeded up to pass me.  If another car came down this narrow road, I wouldn’t be writing this for you today.  The funny thing was this crazy man that gave me the finger and shouted obscenities didn’t get to his destination any sooner because he landed up at the same light that I was.  What makes people resort to foul language and gestures to finding joy in perhaps running over those baby raccoons?  Perhaps, he was late for his job, which spurred that hatred that was broiling within him.

Families Spend Less Time Together 


How about all those “dreamers” and families they want to tear apart?  Where are compassion and the hearts of people?  I can’t imagine being raised here since you were a child and have to return to a country where you may not speak the language or have any real connection to.  I can understand frustration and anger at the thought of an uncertain future.  Those that want to send these people back probably believe so many new jobs will open up once they’re gone.  Is that really what will happen or just an excuse?

A bullet can’t solve a problem.

These things don’t help our society and this anger is just at home.  Throw in what is happening around the world and who might nuke the other first  is another reason for dimming the light out of people’s hearts to blacken them with anger and despair.

People are walking around on eggshells and can crack at any minute just on these domestic and world issues.  Unfortunately, adults are not the only ones affected.  Frustrated parents often can miss signs in their children like what may have led to the mass shooting yesterday in Florida.

Experts blame yesterday’s school murders on mental illness.  Yet, the weapon was purchased legally by a 19-year-old man.  How do you recognize mental illness before such a sale?

More control of selling guns is important.  If you need registration for your car and insurance, then it should be mandatory, not just in 36 states, but in all states.

I wonder how many times are we going to have to see mass killings before anything is done?  We need to protect everyone.  More police and more mental health professionals cannot be the answers.  Change has to come deeper for this to be effective.

How do you feel about what is going on with the world?



  1. FoodHistorian
    February 16, 2018 / 4:43 pm

    Well, here in the US, we have this stupid idea of PRIVACY when it comes to Medical records- had the doctor who prescribed the meds for the Florida Shooter been allowed to TELL AUTHORITIES, it's strongly possible 17 innocent people would be alive today. Instead, this information comes out only after a dozen or more kids get killed. So Trump is right, on this issue, at least- we need to reexamine how much "privacy" mental patients are allowed. Now, the anger issues: This is a hard one. No easy answers, though I think it all revolves around controlling social media and fining the music industry when they play rap songs about "banging ho's and killing "bitches". Maybe this sounds a bit strange, but I envy the 1950's generation: The media was kept on a tight leash. ( From writer61 AT yahoo Dot com)

  2. Mary Balandiat (Nuts 4 Stuff)
    February 16, 2018 / 5:38 pm

    I understand medical privacy. Yet, did you ever wonder how long this shooter showed signs of mental anguish before purchasing a gun? Where was the safety net from parents, teachers to other students that could have detected this? By the way, I understand that the type of gun he used shot many rounds at once was easier to buy than a handgun. Something is wrong with that picture. Guns are not the answer to logically solve problems. Trump only addressed the after effect of mental illness and AVOIDED doing anything to correct the real cause–tighter regulations of gun purchases. I do see your point about the rap music with killing stuff. Look at the violent video games that parents eagerly buy for their kids. They are more concerned about nudity than how many bloody kills they can score. Something seems confused about that. Still, parents don't give bloody video games any thought.

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