Why Slowing Your Pace Can Help Weight Loss

Woman slowing her pace to walk her dog
There are advantages to walking more slowly for weight loss.


Walking is a great form of exercise.  Though power walking at a fast stride can help you burn more calories than a leisurely stroll, you may want to slow your pace down when walking to benefit the most.  According to some experts, walking slower could play a part in altering the body’s pH to stimulate the glands controlling metabolism to work harder, which means you may see results faster for weight loss.

The reason behind this theory is all the processed foods in our diet to the treated tap the water we drink changes the way our weight controlling glands behave. Therefore, if you are always on a diet and never seem to lose any weight, then your glands could be to blame because of an acid overload produced by your diet.

When there is an influx of acid, the body adjusts to defend itself by using fat to prevent it from entering the bloodstream.  This unbalance pH level explains how easily we add on the pounds.

Unfortunately, vigorous exercise was not the best solution.  The muscles forced too hard using oxygen to keep up generating energy, eventually can’t get enough oxygen, turning out an acidic by-product of lactic acid instead.

However, walking slower with deep breathing is more ideal because of the effect on the body’s muscles in relation to an improved lymph flow during a gentle stroll.  Lymph fluid is the watery substance that collects the acidic waste and toxins for the body to eliminate.  Slower, more relaxed walking tunes up that lymph fluid flow to be more efficient to prevent pounds packing on.

As you take that leisurely stroll, taking regular deep breaths in through your nose and out through the mouth is equally important in this process.  This is crucial because it will help you take in maximum oxygen for naturally alkalinizing the blood.

Give this relaxed walking and deep breathing a try and see the difference it can make to help melt stubborn fat.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the change in your shape


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  1. gloria patterson
    May 12, 2019 / 1:51 pm

    I have COPD and sometimes breathing and walking fight with each other.I am going to try this because I really need to get involved with walking more

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