How to Change Bad Skin Care Habits That Age

How to Change Bad Skin Care Habits That Age Thinking Beauty
This beauty keeps on open mind when comes to her gorgeous skin.


No one sets out to intentionally wreck their complexion through bad skin care habits that age.  Nonetheless, if your skin is less than ideal and you hope to rectify that, then you need to change some of those bad habits that are minimizing its potential beauty.

Sleeping With Your Makeup on Because You’re Too Tired Destroys Skin

Regardless of the excuse that you give yourself for going to bed without removing accumulated makeup and grime, you are doing your complexion harm.  You may tell yourself that skipping cleansing occasionally because you forgot or don’t have the energy will be fine.  Unfortunately, you are only fooling yourself because the skin’s natural oils along with dirt and those makeup ingredients get imbedded deep in the pores to cause blackheads and pimples.  This is one of the most terrible of those bad skin care habits that age.

Despite how exhausted you may feel or how little that you consider the importance of a clean face before bed matters, you can simplify the problem of makeup removal by keeping a stash of makeup wipes in a handy place such as by your bed or night stand, if needed in an emergency.

Be sure to buy the variety that states makeup remover, which is specifically formulated to actually dissolve makeup ingredients not just facial wipes.  Facial wipes are more for freshening up the complexion with a gentle washing without the lifting power of makeup wipes.  Makeup wipes can be the best thing that ever happened to your complexion if sleeping with your makeup is a fairly common practice of yours.

Not Getting Enough Sleep Ages Skin Prematurely

Striving for eight hours of sleep a night should be your goal.  After all, this is the amount of time the skin needs to recoup and rebuild cells.  Without enough, the complexion can pale with a pasty look and dull instead of glow as it should since the blood isn’t circulating as efficiently.  Instead of the blood flowing optimally through the complexion, it is pooling up more beneath the eyes, ringing the under eyes with darkness.

To initiate change, you need to establish a bedtime schedule with a specific hour designated to sleep.  For example, promise yourself that by eleven o’clock in the evening that you’ll be in bed except for occasional special times.  Make it a point turn off televison, wind down from the computer at least two hours prior and disconnect so your brain can relax in time and won’t take the effects of those blue waves with you to interfere with your sleep.  For more help, you might want to read my earlier post on how to unwind for bed after a stressful day.

What You Drink Is Linked to Aging Skin

Maybe you are as naughty as I am when it comes to caffeine.  Too many cups of coffee can lead to bad skin care habits that age from how it dehydrates and depletes the complexion of valuable nutrients.  When you overdo, you risk the skin losing its plumpness from the underlying moisture.  This does not mean that you should give up coffee. I would die without that beverage in my life.  What I’m saying is that you need to replace every cup with an extra glass of water to quench your skin’s constant thirst.  Otherwise, your complexion can dry, dull more and tend toward wrinkling, especially if the skin is normally dry already.

Of course, your vice could be sugary drinks or alcohol, both consumed regularly are bad skin care habits that age.  Sugary drinks may taste great, but they also can rob the skin of collagen.  Therefore, you may want to cut down on the number of sugary beverages you normally drink and substitute more glasses of water as well for optimally helping your complexion.

Then again, you may love to indulge with alcoholic drink.  An occasional drink is fine but remember that alcohol is quite dehydrating to the skin from how it depletes valuable skin vitamins such as A and Bs, other nutrients, electrolytes and fluids from the body, besides the effect it has on the liver.  Keep in mind, but you must drink water to counteract the lost fluid due to drinking alcohol or risk skin swelling trying to satisfy that demand for fluid by stealing it from other cells.

Alcohol also makes a condition like rosacea more of a problem.  It affects blood flow and dilates blood vessels to compound redness or even cause broken capillaries.

When you need to drink, your best choices for the least damage are clear alcohols shots such as vodka, gin or tequila.  Limit yourself to one of those shots for that time for the sake of your skin’s appearance and liver health.

Better still, you might want to switch from the harder liquor to red wine since is it loaded with antioxidants such as youth promoting flavonoids, resveratrol and tannins to replenish collagen and elasticity to the skin.

Besides increasing your water intake, you might also consider switching to green tea  that is loaded with skin beneficial antioxidants for aiding with any inflammation and redness.

Another skin boosting drink is coconut water for the value its lauric acid can provide for dealing with acne, inflammation and anti-aging.

Your Diet and Eating Habits Can Hurt the Skin and Speed Up Aging

Perhaps, you are too tired after a long day at work to come home and cook a healthy meal.  If you pop a frozen dinner into the microwave, make a sandwich or randomly fill up on junk food just because it is the easiest solution to appease your hunger, then you are speeding up how your skin ages.  The problem of eating “junk” is all the fats, salts, and preservatives disguised in a small amount of food to keep the skin nourished.

What your complexion desperately is in need of is a balanced diet of protein, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables.  Read my earlier posts for the most effective foods to help your complexion thrive and how to give your skin and hair an overhaul through what you eat.

A simple start when you’re too tired to cook is advanced meal preparation.  Over the weekend, you might want to cook enough for the week to later store for future meals that you can reheat in the microwave.  Doing so will help keep your meals healthy instead of lacking the nutrition that your skin may be missing.

You can also buy packages of frozen, skinless chicken breasts or fish fillets and reheat an individual piece in the microwave along with a baked potato and fresh salad or another green or yellow vegetable.  This is far better for skin and your body than constantly subjecting it to a pop-in frozen entree, sandwich, a bowl of chips or a cup of ramen noodle soup.

Using Skin Care Products in the Wrong Way Can Age 

Sometimes, we try to hard to get the perfect complexion.  We may over exfoliate, trying to get rid of old skin cells to help in skin renewal, believing more of a good thing must be better.  Yet, we are not allowing the skin a chance to renew itself is another one of those bad skin care habits that age.  Instead, we are rubbing it raw and risking scarring that can damage it.

In those attempts to fight aging, we can use products in the wrong way.  Perhaps, you like to mix up your skin care with a multitude of the latest anti-aging products, which is another of those bad skin care habits that age.  Yet, attacking the skin with lots of different active ingredients at the same time can backfire to cause irritation or reduce effectiveness of some of those ingredients.  A wiser approach is taking a simpler approach to the number of anti-aging products that you use to prevent the possibility of sensitization.

Excess Stress Ages Skin

No one is immune from stress, but it can be made manageable.  Try to discover a healthy relief outlet from talking with family and friends to redirecting that negative energy in more productive ways such as through Yoga, exercise, dance or anything physical such as cleaning, etc.

You also might want to read my earlier post with tips on how to stay calm, three great techniques to handle stress, solutions for tackling those little stresses of daily life to another on stress busting techniques.

 Even One Small Change Can Provide a Promising Future for Your Skin

This is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to bad skin care habits that age.  Still, what I shared here with you today can be the start of a more promising future for the appearance of your complexion just by initiating a change or two in your normal skin care habits.



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