How to Avoid Wardrobe Mistakes for Work

woman-inspecting-appropriate-dresses-for-work Pixabay image- to avoid wardrobe mistakes

A little time at home examing your outfits can save any embarrassment later.

That new outfit that you just bought may make you feel beautiful and stylish, but is it also one appropriate for the office?  Therefore,  it never hurts to avoid  potential wardrobe mistakes before you head to the office and save yourself from any embarrassment later by always examining your outfits first.

Know the Appropriate Length for Your Workplace to Avoid Wardrobe Mistakes

Depending on your work environment, length of your dress or skirt is one thing.  One that is too short could be unprofessional and distracting from you always needing to pull it down.

To clear up any confusion, sit down in that short shirt or dress to test how high it rides up.  If half of your thighs are showing and the material is nearly reaching panty territory, then you might want to consider changing into another skirt or dress.

Inspect the Fabric in Direct Light Can Prevent Wardrobe Mistakes

You also need to take into consideration fabric because it too can cause problems if it is too sheer and you’re not wearing a camisole.  Stand near a window where the light is coming in to test how transparent the material is.  Having your boss and co-workers staring at your chest all day are unprofessional and inviting problems, besides making you feel self-conscious.

Test the Piece As You Bend or Reach

You also want to watch out how low the neckline of that top goes.  You don’t want everyone staring at your “girls” every time you bend.  Look at yourself leaning over in your mirror to examine how much cleavage the world can see.  A camisole can help.

Bra or camisole straps that slip and are visible need adjusting.  Despite your best efforts at times, they may still escape.  If so, secure these with safety pins.

One last point about tops is doing the arm lift test to see how much of your mid section might show.  Raising your arms high and having the top ride up will not go well at work.

Sudden Weight Gain Can Distort a Former Great Fit to Cause Wardrobe Mistakes

Another thing that you might not have thought about is what those few extra pounds that suddenly crept up on you made on an outfit until you wear it again.  Check your blouse and how the buttons fasten.  If the buttons tend to tug slightly, you run the risk of them popping open at the most inopportune time at work.

The same goes for those few pounds that happened to fall on your hips and thighs.  Tight fabric from expanded hips and thighs is not only hard to walk in, but the material also will encase your body so you appear a human sausage.

Something else that I find very helpful is always keeping a small sewing kit and safety pins in your handbag or desk drawer at work.  After all, zippers break, buttons pop off or you can move and get a small rip that you want to manage.

These are just some outfit hazards to look out for at home to prevent wardrobe mistakes that could save you trouble later at work.


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