How to Avoid Rebate Problems

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Read all the fine print of the offer is one way to avoid a rebate problem.


Who doesn’t love rebates?  After all, saving some extra money on something that you plan to buy is a bonus.  It also is a great incentive to sweeten the deal for those that may be considering other brands of the same merchandise.  Though as wonderful as they are, there are times rebates may not go through for one reason or another.  Therefore, here are some tips to help solve rebate problems and better your chances of getting that rebate check.

The Devil is in the Details on Rebate Forms to Avoid Rebate Problems 

Before you rush into the purchase make sure to read the entire rebate form for what the company is asking to quality for the rebate. Offers may have a line in tiny print that the rebate applies only to one special model.  Some manufacturers like to clear their old inventory through rebates and specify the model and year in the form. You, on the other hand, may fail to notice that the one that you are picking up is the latest model, which is ineligible for the offer.  This will cause rebate problems.

Keep Track of How Long the Rebate Offer is Valid to Avoid Rebate Problems

Be sure to check how much time that you have to complete sending in your rebate.  As soon as you make the purchase, start getting your receipt and proof of purchase together for mailing.  Though you may have time available before the rebate may expire, you also can forget about it when left undone.  You have to fill the form out and send in what the company is requiring so why procrastinate and possibly miss the rebate deadline?

Missing Required Proofs of Purchase

Rebate offers often do demand several forms of proof to quality.  The company might ask for the sales receipt with a specific date, a product code, the rebate form, etc.  If you miss just one of the requirements that the company is asking for regarding that rebate, you risk not receiving it and causing rebate problems.  All demands of the rebate as stated by the company in the form are required for proper submission.

Also, make a copy of your receipt and proofs-of-purchase for your own safety in case the rebate fails to arrive.

Note Your Submission Date and When to Expect the Rebate on Your Calendar

The rebate form should have a date when to expect your check.  Before mailing in the rebate, write the date of your submission and when the company suggests to expect that rebate on a calendar.  It is helpful to avoid any confusion putting these dates on a separate calendar just for this purpose instead of one that might contain medical appointments, scheduled car maintenance dates, church meetings, birthday reminders, etc.

A rebate can take anywhere from 30 days after purchase but up to 12 weeks.  If you don’t receive your refund within that timeframe, contact the company to find out what happened to your refund.  Companies usually will want to resolve any problems, but you may have so send in further proof or need to contact the Better Business Bureau if all else keeps failing.

Be persistent and keep track of all communications with the company regarding the issue. Make note of all confirmation numbers regarding the matter as well.   I also like to jot down the name of the customer service representative that I spoke with.  This may not be necessary, but I do it as an extra safety measure.

Taking advantage of a rebate gives you the opportunity to try a new product that you may or may not have purchased.  Furthermore, rebates can help your budget by allowing you to keep more of your money.  Rebating also gives you, as the buyer, a sense of accomplishment of finding a tremendous deal as a wise shopper.


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