How to Get the Best Fit When Lingerie Shopping


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The right fit of bra or panty can only add to the appeal of a great outfit–and you!


An ill-fitting bra or revealing panty lines can sabotage even the most sensational outfit.  Therefore, you want to make sure how to judge the proper fit to get the most positive attention from the clothes that you wear.  Here are some helpful tips for how to get the best fit when lingerie shopping to better your outcome.

Benefits of Using a Professional In-Store Fitter When Lingerie Shopping

Shopping for panties is one thing, but finding the perfect size for bras is another matter. You should never assume that the fit is the same size in all bra lines or styles for how to get the best fit lingerie shopping.  Some stores offer the services of a professional in-store fitter.  Benefit from their expertise by allowing them to help you navigate through the confusion.  They can assist with your measurements through different manufacturers and styles to solve how to find the right fit easier.

How to Take Your Bra Measurements on Your Own

You need a measuring tape.  Furthermore, you want to do this while wearing a non-padded bra to determine your size.  What you do is keep your arms at your sides and start wrapping the tape around yourself just under the breasts while you’re breathing normally to measure your band size.  Round the fractions to the closest whole number.

You can get a fair estimate of your cup size by subtracting two from your band size.  For example, if your 34 around your breasts for the band size then the cup size would probably be 32.

As I mentioned, each manufacturer and their styles vary.  Therefore, try on the bra styles in the dressing room and check how the band and cups fit.

The band should feel secure, but not painfully tight.  If the band is too loose in the back, it can ride up, which you don’t want.  This is a sign that the bra is too big.  You probably would have more luck trying one size smaller.

Bra straps should feel comfortable, but able to provide the support you need.  Watch out for ones that tend to fall off your shoulders once adjusting them because they are too loose.  Adjusting the straps too high can make them too tight, another fashion destroyer.  Play with the straps in the dressing room can give you an idea of how they might behave later at home.

When buying bras online, you should take your measurements before each new purchase.  After all, you may have gained a few pounds or lost some weight that could alter the fit.  This simple extra step can save you from having to mail the bra back for a needless return.

How to Avoid Obvious Panty Lines

Regardless of how much you love or hate them, thongs win for the smoothest booty shape.  However, if you don’t appreciate the feel of a strap riding up your behind, you can still get shapely if you choose the right thin fabrics such as a mesh or microfiber panty.

To pick the most flattering style of a panty, you need to think what style pants that you’ll be wearing.  For instance, low-rise pants need a low-rise panty style, not something bulky that could cover your belly such as a full-brief.  The excess material could give you a tummy pouch.

Body Shapers Are Your Figure’s Best Friend

Shapewear has to be one of the greatest inventions for women when it comes to hiding figure flaws without starving or spending hours exercising.  The materials are thin and comfortable compared to those painful, stiff girdles that your grandmother probably wore to smooth any bulges.

When you have great fitting lingerie, you gain more confidence, comfort, and receive the right kind of attraction that you deserve in what you wear.


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