Monday Morning Blues and How to Remedy Them

How to Remedy Monday Morning Blues depressed-woman-at-work Pixabay image
This sad beauty will soon remedy her Monday morning blues after this post.


Did you know that nearly half of all American women don’t feel attractive on Monday mornings?  After all, think of all that most working women have to fit into those two free days before returning back to work.  There is cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry, errands in between spending time with family, friends or a late night date that further exhausts you.  For those that also fall into this trap and need a little motivation to feel pretty and energized again when they return to their jobs, I have some quick tips to get your edge back to avoid those Monday morning blues.

Instead of calling more attention to how tired your face looks, use a light hand with your makeup. Concealer and a classic red lipstick can be your best friends.  This lip color is what you want to reach for because it makes a strong statement.  Red shows others in the office that you’re ready for any challenge as well as adds polish to your look.  The boldness in this color also is helpful directing the eye downward from your exhausted eyes that might betray you to focus on your lips.

Making sure your hair is styled better than usual can energize your spirits as well as your appearance to help banish Monday morning blues.  When your hair looks good, it is only natural to feel more confident about yourself.  Plug in your curling iron, flat iron or hot rollers.  Spritz your hair with some water and take your hair dryer and a round thermal brush to blow dry and restyle it.  I also like to use some styling product or rub a few drops of hair oil in the palm of my hand to scrunch up sections to restyle or add some extra control.  You can always rock a straight style more by using a shine spray for extra glossy wattage.

Your choice of outfits can also perk up your mental outlook when that dreaded Monday rolls around to avoid Monday morning blues.  What I suggest is hunting through your closet for the office appropriate outfit that makes you feel the prettiest or the one that received the most compliments.

Try to smile even though it may be forced at first.  Smiles are magically inviting as well as contagious to all in their path.  You can’t help but feel better giving and receiving a warm smile.

For more help on how to recharge your beauty and eliminate the chances of Monday morning blues, you might want to read my earlier posts with energizing a tried face to makeup tips when tired.


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