Up Your Joy With the Happiness Evaluation Test

Woman Writing Thoughts In Her Journal Pixibay Image Showing Her Trying to Evaluate Her Happiness Level
You’ll find clarity about your happiness through this exercise.


Let’s face it.  Tell me one person that couldn’t use an extra boost of happiness in their day.  After all, look at the state of the world and it’s no wonder most of us are feeling like a dark cloud is hanging over her heads.  Therefore, it’s time to take a quick test that I call a happiness evaluation of what brings you joy.

Before you begin, get a pen and a sheet of paper to write your thoughts down. You can also start a daily journal as a helpful resource to your journey of self-discovery. You don’t want to rush so leave your work out for when more of it comes to you.

Ask Yourself What Instantly Brings Out Your Happy Smile 

The first step in taking the happiness evaluation test is an easy one. Ask yourself what is the first thing that comes to your mind that makes you smile.  Is it the face of your child doing something funny or a grandchild to a sweet gesture that your hubby, boyfriend or girlfriend did that warmed your heart?  Maybe it was your best friend that could have taken you on a wild, fun adventure that as soon as you think about it is making you giggle.  Then again, it could be of the furry variety such as your new puppy doing something silly or a cuddly kitten that, perhaps, is afraid of her reflection in the mirror, etc. that does it for you to start feeling more cheery.

Don’t forget other fond memories can be vacations, a new car, a house, expensive pair of shoes, etc. that you bought or are hoping to buy that gives you a happy rush.  The mere thought of that trip or fun in that house to the compliments that you know you’ll receive on your feet once in those shoes can trigger a happy face.

Write everything that makes you smile on that sheet of paper.  You will be adding more, but it is important to keep that sheet where you can easily see it as a reminder of what makes you happy enough to genuinely smile.

Repetition of the Happy Thought Can Embed Itself in Your Mind

What I’m saying is you can locate happiness just by replaying an old memory or a thought in your mind.  I always found it helps to close your eyes like a dark screen waiting for the actual movie before powering up that happy memory like a mini movie.   Envisioning the thought in your mind can start cranking in the brain’s endorphins to feel happier before you know it.

An Ongoing List or Journal to View Keeps Your Mind Focused in a Happier Place 

The happiness list that you compile can be as long or short as you need.  The value of taking this simple happiness evaluation test or detailing your happiness notes in a journal is because it constantly reminds you of all that is good in your life to be grateful for.



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