Eye Care Mistakes That Could Be Risking Your Eyes

Sunglasses On Woman To Keep Her Eyes Safe From Eye Beauty Care Mistakes Pixibay Image
This beauty is already saving her eyes from one risk–the damaging UVA and UVB rays.


Not only are the eyes how we express emotion to convey our feelings, they also are what we depend on for so many tasks.  Therefore, we should never knowingly take them for granted. Otherwise, we could  jeopardize their health and beauty.  The best way to keep those eyes in gorgeous shape and condition are changing some of our current habits. In doing so, these tips can help you avoid mistakes that could be risking your beautiful eyes.

Wearing Contact Lenses to Bed Is Bad

Regardless if you have a brand of contacts that is FDA-approved for overnight wear, it still comes with a risk.  After all, your eyes have less protective enzymes and antibodies due to the contacts that could make them vulnerable to infection because of lack of sufficient oxygen, especially after a normal day in the environment.

Never Go to Bed Still Wearing Your Makeup 

Besides, leaving traces of makeup behind on your pillow that can stain, you risk clogging your pores and developing pimples.  Any eye makeup that is left on can result in styes, those tiny bumps inside or around the outer eyelids. The reason they have a tendency to cause pain is because that lump is actually a developing abscess in the process of becoming infected from staphylococcus bacteria. This is not a good habit to keep your eyes healthy.

Skip Applying Eyeliner to Your Waterline

The danger is whatever chemicals are in the eyeliner are in contact with your tear ducts, especially if you wear contact lenses.  Even the smallest amount of that makeup could mix with your tears and travel deeper into the eyes to deprive them of oxygen.  This is another of the mistakes that could be risking your eyes doing.

If you don’t wear contacts, using eyeliner on your waterline can also invite germs inside the eyes and cause an ugly, but possibly risky eye infection.  Liquid eyeliners, gels and pens that comes out of a tube are the worst culprits because the applicator tip could be housed in a growing cesspool of bacteria.  The safest practice for lining your eyes is staying on the outside and sticking with a pencil.   The reason that a soft pencil eyeliner is safer is because you can always sharpen the rim to constantly clean it unlike the liquid forms.

Touching Your Eyes Too Much Is Risky

Everyone is guilty of touching their eyes whether wiping an inner crust from the eye or itching.  The problem is the fingers introduce tons of bacteria into the eye from all that you touch.  Bacteria delivery is bad, but the amount of pressure you use is also something you should be concerned about.  Often, we touch or rub our eyes without thinking of how hard we might be rubbing, which could cause broken blood vessels.

Eye Drops Also Can Play a Role 

Look for the expiration date before you put any drops in your eye.  The dates are printed for your safety.  Using an eye product even shortly after it expires can be dangerous because the formula is now unstable.

If you have been habitually using eye drops to get the red out of your eyes, then you might be over constricting your blood vessels and subjecting them to rebound inflammation.  A safer alternative if you need to use eye drops regularly are artificial tears.

Sunglasses Aren’t Just for Summer But Protective as Well as Fashionable for All Year

Making it a habit to pull out a pair of  sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection before you walk out the door can later save the eyes from future problems.  You’ll keep your corneas safer from any sun-related burning as well as possible skin cancer of the eyelids.

By taking proper precautions to prevent simple mistakes that could be risking your eyes, they have the best chance of staying beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.


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