Why I Value a Fuego Hot Sauce Box

Trio Of Artisan Hot Sauces From Fuego Box Image
The artisan hot sauces in each Fuego hot sauce box have a lot to offer.


Some people are turned off at the mention of hot and spicy foods.  I am not one of those people!  Hot sauce has a lot of value like what you can expect from a Fuego hot sauce box.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

I use it freely on a lot of dishes for intensifying flavors is one reason that I am so drawn to hot sauces.  Another is for helping the body burn through a bit more calories.

I also use hot sauce in a DIY remedy for a sore throat or a cough by adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a teaspoon of hot sauce in a glass of warm water.  You gargle and then swallow this drink every two hours and it really helps the pain and control a minor cough.

With all that you can do and experience through hot sauces, it is only natural that I am a big fan.  This is why I really enjoy a Fuego Box Hot Sauce subscription because my tastebuds are always treated to unique flavors that you would be hard pressed to find locally.

A subscription is convenient and reasonable at $29.95 per quarter for three different artisan sauces that includes free USA shipping.  The company also provides an informational card about food suggestions and details on these small batch sauces.

For instance, March 2018 box brought Dashelito’s Bourbonaro, a mix of bourbon, habanero peppers  in a sweet potato base.  The result is a sweet-savory blend that has a medium sort of heat that was great on fried fish or what you normally might use hot sauce on.

The second bottle I sampled this month was Fool’s Paradise from Merfs Condiments.  This is a perky number with peaches to play off the haberno peppers that has about a medium heat.  I love this one when I poured some on my chicken breast.

The third was Frankie V’s Kitchen with their Green Label Jalapeno Hot Sauce.  This was milder heat with just enough kick.  I thought it tasted delicious on my hot dog yesterday.

There are a lot of benefits to using hot sauces for what it can bring to food, speeding up your metabolism to using as a DIY sore throat or cough cure.  Of course, you go to your grocery store and pick up hot sauce from a very limited range unlike the interesting variety from Fuego Box.  Check this hot sauce subscription box out because you’ll love it!

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