Fuego Box April 2018 Review

Fuego Box April 2018 Hot Sauce Trio

Fuego Box is a hot sauce subscription that sends out three artisan sauces in each box that can change the way you think of ordinary hot sauce. Fuego Box raises the taste game with a constant stream of quality small-batch hot sauces from across the country that you can’t readily buy in the average grocery store to ignite more spicy flavor as well as heat to foods.

Subscribing to Fuego Box is just $29.95 per quarter for three unique hot sauces that you would be hard pressed to find locally. The price also includes free USA shipping. You also get a card on the different featured sauces and details on how best to enjoy them and about that particular hot sauce itself.

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Many dishes can get boring when you eat them the same way day after day. However, Fuego Box gives subscribers a way to recreate dishes and recipes with how easily it is to vary foods just by changing out their specialized hot sauces. The flavors once added to the same recipes or foods take on a whole new meaning per sauce. Therefore, the constant new variety of Fuego Box hot sauces is another reason to love them.

When you’re trying to watch your weight or dieting, hot sauces are helpful to start eating for their part in speeding up the body’s metabolism. I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that something so delicious also can burn some calories more efficiently.

Now you probably can understand why I don’t take my hot sauces lightly! Let me show you what Fuego Box April 2018 brought to give you a better idea of those enticing hot sauces.

Cajohns Fiery Foods Serrano Pepper Sauce is a green hot sauce with chile peppers, garlic, spices, and a touch of lemon that gives it just enough sting without burning a hole in your mouth. You can eat this on fish, chicken and eggs or whatever food.

The second hot sauce offering was Hellfire Private Reserve Gourmet Red. This is a gourmet, dressed up version of your average red hot sauce. This is perfect on so many dishes and foods.

Finally, this month also brought Burns & McCoy Exitium. This is a more exotic dark yellow hot sauce with pineapple and shallots with some fruity sweetness to curb part of that intense burn of ghost peppers. I do warn it is very hot so proceed with caution instead of pouring it over heavily. Pour some out in a section of the plate first for dipping, which can save you from hurting your tongue.

I really do like Fuego Box because it is always different. In fact, I never knew there were so many varieties of hot sauce until Fuego Box.

Have you sampled a Fuego Box yet? Check them out because they are delicious.


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