How Portion Control Downsizing Can Drop Weight Faster

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You can eat more when selecting the right foods.

Portion control downsizing is a wonderful way to stay motivated when dieting. Unlike other methods that we put ourselves through to limit our proteins, starches and fats, portion control downsizing is relatively painless because the body is gradually weaned into eating less.

Portion Control Downsizing Is an Easier Dieting Method

Instead of trying to live up to some unrealistic amount of tasteless food, portion control downsizing gives the dieter a better chance to adjust eating habits. Reducing what you may eat per meal and monitoring portion size gradually each day does not make you feel as deprived and hungry as when foods are restricted. Eating in this fashion also helps reset the body’s metabolism to burn calories more efficiently.

How food is presented can have a psychological effect for the dieter. When a meal is served on smaller plates, your eyes still see a filled plate. Though an illusion, it can be a powerful aid into fooling you that you are eating more than you really are consuming.

There have been studies that show the relationship between the color of your dinnerware also helps to reduce your food intake. Blue dinnerware, particularly a dark blue color, can help control eating while dieting with more success than pale colors or white plates.

Glasses that are tall and narrow are preferable to short and fat ones for making dieters imagine that they are drinking more than they actually are.

You can have unsweetened tea or coffee because they will fill you up so your portion of dessert will still be satisfying. Just because you are watching your portion sizes do not mean that you need to deprive yourself of any of those desserts. The only difference is cutting a smaller piece of cake, pie, or limiting you to one or two cookies instead of the much larger size you might have been accustomed to.


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