Impulse Shopping and Stress Don’t Mix


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A woman impulse shopping.

Who doesn’t love to shop? Finding that perfect item can give you a rush that gets your heart racing. After all, things like a new car or clothing can define you with a new sense of clout that can change your self-perception. Though as exciting as that possibility is, impulse shopping can also have a negative impact on mental health and your bank account once bills arrive and accumulate. To save yourself from potential stress and financial hardships, I want to share some helpful tips to manage impulse shopping.

Avoid the Urge to Replace Stress With Impulse Shopping

Shopping after suffering through a bad day may temporarily make you feel happier, but it is not a permanent fix. Buying just because you see something that caught your eye when you are not thinking rationally and driven by frustration, anger, loneliness, or even jealousy leads to unsound decision making that can later come back to haunt you through excess stress and bills.

Before you let your emotions dictate your spending, ask yourself if you really need the item before taking out your credit card. Sometimes, it’s best to put off that shopping trip for another day when you have a clearer head without carrying those burdening emotions with you.

Don’t Let Stores Seduce You to Impulse Shop

How many times have you walked into a store because of its inviting atmosphere? Soft music playing in the background as you travel over a thick carpeted floor inhaling a welcoming scent such as peaches that make you want to browse. Standing amongst such an appealing backdrop is a technique stores use to make customers comfortable and wanting to linger.

Once you understand how the senses are manipulated by store management, then you have the upper hand. Before buying whatever it is, do walk out of the store first and walk around the mall or visit another shop and give the item more thought. If you still feel that drawn to the item and have a real use for it without that sensory stimuli, you always have the option of going and back for it without feeling duped into making a bad purchase.

Clear Out Distractions on Your Desk Before Online Shopping

When you are about to go online to shop, you want a neat desk. You don’t want to have things strewn everywhere to confuse you when making a buying decision. Disorganization can cause chaos that can cost you more than having items in their proper places when searching for what you need. As a result, constantly hunting for things from a cluttered desk can make you feel helpless to figure out what is needed and lead to impulse shopping.

Avoid Lingering Too Long With Sales People

Sometimes, it can be hard to leave a store once a determined sales person targets you. However, you are the one in control of the situation. Regardless of all the enthusiasm and energy that salesperson displays, this doesn’t justify your need to purchase. No decision should be made out of polite obligation. After all, you are the customer. Why should you feel guilty about wasting this person’s time when it is a part of their job description?

Estimating Item Cost by Work Hours Can Curb Impulse Shopping

The next time you zoom in on something sensational like a great pair of $600 shoes, you might want to ask yourself how many hours would you have to work to pay for them? Those same shoes might not nearly look as attractive when you calculate you might have to work several hours or more just to wear them.  You might want to consider making a budget.

Turn Off Your Phone’s Email Alerts or Text Messages

A big mistake some make is stopping to check their phones for any email alerts or text messages sales on the item. When you’re trying to zoom in on a bargain, you may hurry to buy and make a choice that you can later regret.

Instead, you might want to do your homework about the various prices of the same available item and compare beforehand. Advanced preparation can save you from buyer remorse and the need to return.

Impulse shopping can be conquered. All you need is to understand the reason so many of us fall prey to the lure of impulse shopping and a simple plan that helps.


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  1. gloria patterson
    March 12, 2019 / 2:20 pm

    Lot of good information here. I am retired and don’t do a lot of shopping any more no work clothes etc needed. I like comfortable clothes quick easy shopping

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