12 Ways to Increase Happiness

Adults Pixibay Image Showing Increasing Happiness Through Friends
Friends provide the emotional support to keep us in happy balance.


Happiness is as essential as the air we breathe, the water we drink to the food we eat. Without finding time to get happy, we spiral downward into loneliness and depression. Therefore, here are 12 simple ways to increase happiness.


Talk in Person Instead of Electronically Can Increase Happiness


Technology has made many things possible in our world with advances in all fields to keep us living longer, traveling faster, connecting us to others all over the globe with a push of a button, and more. Yet, there is also a cost of losing more happiness because of overwork, multitasking, and substituting cell phones and smart phones for a human connection.


Say Hello to a Stranger


Start making a human connection by saying hello to a stranger. You might be surprised at what one simple word can do to increase your happiness. Many people are lonely and any kind interaction can make them smile and respond with joy, which you can’t but help to share to increase your own happiness.


Learn to Smile More


Some people find it easier to smile than others. Nonetheless, we all are capable of responding to others with smiles instead of stiff or vacant faces if we hope to increase our happiness. Smiles are contagious and also make us feel better from the signals they send to the brain.


Emotional Support From Friends Is Another Way to Increase Happiness


Connecting with others to form friendships is important to inspire us, help us grow, and view issues from a different prospective to allowing us to vent when needing someone to listen for emotional support. Good friends also help us laugh and celebrate through good times and bad. Make it a point to have at least one friend at work makes your work environment a happier place.


Give Compliments Freely


How many times have you noticed something like a job well done or a delicious recipe but failed to praise someone for it? Instead of being stingy with the compliments, try offering some praise. You will make that person light up and feel happier. At the same time, you will pick up on that happy emotion and benefit to increase your own happiness.


Take Time to Discover the Simple Joys of Life


Everyone can look back on their life and recall happy memories. Although that may be true, the small things are what usually stays clearly in the mind as we journey through the changes in our lives. Remembering a specific day that filled your heart with joy and what you were doing can make you relive that past moment again in your mind. Maybe you were walking along the beach, holding hands with your guy on the same day he proposed that makes your heart skip a beat and increases the wattage of your smile.

Close your eyes and visualize what you both were wearing. Now ask yourself what the day was like. Was it warm and humid? Did you feel a breeze against your neck or the sun in your eyes as you walked? Did you catch a fragrance in the air that lingered in your mind? Extracting all the happy thoughts from an old happy memory never fails to boost happiness.


Appreciate What You Have


We are all so busy struggling to get ahead in life with careers that we often forget all that we have. Maybe your life isn’t exactly as you had expected, then you are in good company. Nevertheless, we all have things to be grateful for. Perhaps, you have a spouse, a mother, a father, a child, a friend to a pet that makes your life better. Now can you imagine your world without them or a roof over your head, food in your stomach or clothes on your back. Being grateful for what you have instead of being jealous of what you don’t can increase happiness by keeping your emotions upbeat and positive.


View Life With a Positive Outlook


The quickest way to destroy happiness is to expect the reason it will not last. Having a negative outlook can set the stage for inviting unhappiness into your life. When you project a positive attitude regardless of the situation, it gives you more confidence and power to bypass fears holding you back that could control the outcome.


Respect Yourself


When you accomplish something that you’re proud of, take a moment to give yourself a silent pat on the back. Respecting yourself to realize your worth can give you extra confidence to increase your happiness as long as you keep your ego in check.


Taking Care of Your Body Increases Happiness


We all want to look and feel good. A simple way to increase your happiness is watching your diet, exercising and getting a physical examination. A makeover or a new hairstyle can do wonders to change how you see yourself for building confidence that can increase happiness.


Volunteering With a Friend Can Increase Happiness


Though you don’t need a friend to volunteer with you, a friend can help you make a deeper emotional connection to accomplish a common goal. A friend dealing with the same situation can share and understand what needs to be done or help you be better at the task.


Care for Elderly or Disabled Neighbors With a Thoughtful Gesture


If you are going to the grocery store, pharmacy or the post office, you might want to call your elderly or a disabled neighbor to see if they need anything before you go.

Another easy way to make someone happy is when you bake. Sending a plate of cookies, pie, loaf of homemade bread to an elderly or disabled neighbor will make them and you feel great. You don’t have to bake a lot. All you need is to give a few cookies or a piece of  pie will be enough to warm their hearts and increase happiness all around.


A Challenging Goal for the Future to Increase Happiness


Increasing happiness can be as simple as one kind word or smile to another to help move the world in the right direction. If we all follow that, there would be real change for the better in the world.


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