Finding Fashionable Shorts That Shape

 Fashionable Shorts That Shape
Finding trendy fashion shorts that work your shape can help and inspire you to look your best.


Just in time for summer 2018 is an amazing season of trendy fashions, including new designs for shorts. In order to find the ideal style that compliments your body and downplays problems, then here are some useful shopping tips for finding fashionable shorts that shape.  When shopping geared to your assets and flaws, you save time in the dressing room and come home happier with more flattering styles.


Finding Fashionable Shorts That Shape the Problem of Wide-Thighs


Some of the latest short styles strongly emphasize the waist with a thick belt or semi-corset. Others that are very popular this year are the mini shorts. However, showing off your waist or extra expanse of the thigh area would be a mistake because the eye would focus more than you like on the wide thighs in its journey upward. You also want to keep away from too many buttons or fringes on the sides of the leg, especially if you have meaty thighs, which could bulk them up more.

Instead, look for a style that widens against the leg like knee length or classic shorts. A straighter, close-fitting style will only target ample thighs.

The cut of the shorts style is one thing, but color or pattern is another. Vertical stripes can help create the illusion of longer, leaner legs in how they fool the eye. Dark colors like blacks, navy, and browns also camouflage flaws. On the other hand, bright colors like whites, pastels to bright shades highlight those heavy thighs.


Trendy Short Styles for Diminishing a Large Derriere


Chances are that you also may have large hips or a derriere to go along with wide thighs. If so, then watch where the pockets are placed or how heavily adorned they may be.  Excess material can gather up against that bad hip area or jut out on your backside like a bustle, if you’re not careful.

The Best Shorts for Short-Legs


Bermuda shorts that are knee lengths are popular as well this season. While this style is fine for those with longer legs, it is simply wrong if you don’t have the length of leg to wear it. The reason you should steer clear of Bermuda shorts is because it makes short legs appear shorter in how the style cuts the dimensions of the body.

Recommended styles for anyone with short legs are shorter length shorts. This summer’s mini shorts, the new cuffed and shorter denim shorts would be great bets for your body type.


Top Shorts Picks for Tiny Waists

A small waist gives you plenty of time to shine this summer with all the attention of styles centered more on the waist area. The waistbands are wider than ever in some styles, especially in mini shorts that can flatter your waist properly. They can be elaborate in detailing done in materials for casual wear to evenings out.

Needless to say, figure flaws should not stop us from wearing shorts. When you know what to look for to best suit your figure, then you’ll project even more beauty, confidence and sense of style than ever!


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  1. Lynne B
    December 26, 2018 / 5:25 pm

    Thanks for the help with a perennial problem. I’m short and have thicker thighs.

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