Fuego Box May 2018 Fires Up Taste

Fuego Box May 2018
Fuego Box May 2018 fires up taste!


Firing up dishes with hot and spicy taste is much easier when you subscribe to Fuego Box, the artisan hot sauce subscription. Fuego Box never ceases to amaze me with their quality and unequaled small-batch hot sauces for intensifying flavors with an extra spicy nip that I just love.

The cost of subscribing to Fuego Box is just $29.95 per quarter for three unusual hot sauces gathered from across the country. The price also includes free USA shipping. You also get a card on the different featured sauces and details on how best to enjoy them and details about that particular hot sauce itself.

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The true attraction for me is that you can’t find hot sauces like what arrives in each box for the most part when you shop locally. For example, let me tell you about what was in my latest Fuego Box May 2018 to paint you a better picture.

Raucous Daucus! has a paler orange color to this special hot sauce that revolves around the Bulgarian carrot pepper. I consider it a medium heat with a fruity hint to set off that tangy heat. Being easy on the tongue, you can freely enjoy this one on most dishes you love or to cook hot sauce with, especially scrambled eggs.

The next bottle I sampled was the Vindaloo Curry hot sauce, a yellow-green sauce from Ghost Scream. This one is a curry and coconut based hot sauce mingling with the yellow scorpion pepper for another medium blast of zesty, exotic heat.

Chruk by Yeak Inc. is a Cambodian-American Hot Sauce that is on the thinner side. This is a medium heat with a sweet sort of heat to the spice and peppers that was quite pleasant. I tried some on hard boiled eggs, which was delicious. Next, I plan to use this on fried fish.

Even if you’re not a big fan of hot sauces that you pour over your foods, you really would like cooking with it to tweak up the flavor of your usual recipes. Hot sauces really contribute to flavor in an incredible way.

Another reason that I love Fuego Box is because eating hot sauce is great for improving calorie burning to speed up the metabolism.

Have you tried Fuego Box yet? Check Fuego Box out because there is a lot of zesty flavor waiting to be discovered through this hot sauce subscription box.


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  1. Lynne B
    December 29, 2018 / 10:06 pm

    I think my son would like the Raucous Daucus and the Vindaloo Curry. The first because it contains a pepper that I don’t think he’s tried before and the latter because he likes Indian flavors.

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