Makeup Mistakes That Age an Older Face

Older Woman Smiling Holding Her Dog Since Avoiding Makeup Mistakes Pixibay Image
This beauty can smile because she knows how to avoid makeup mistakes that age an older face.


Often we take for granted how we do our makeup and skin care because we do it one way that becomes a habit. However, what worked well for our faces in the past may not necessarily apply to the present. Aging requires adjustments to both our makeup and skin care needs if we intend to look as young as possible. The following tips can help you nix those makeup mistakes and zap years from your face.

Skipping Primer Is a Big Makeup Mistake for an Older Face

The reason that a primer is so important for an older face is because it prepares the skin to receive the foundation by creating a smoother surface. A silicone-based primer can help fill in lines and wrinkles to make them less noticeable.

Rethink Your Foundation Formula and Shade to Avoid a Makeup Mistake

The foundation that you wore last season with beautiful results suddenly may not be complimenting your face as it once did. Our complexions do pale more as we age. Therefore, you may want to shop for a new lighter shade and a formula with anti-aging benefits suited to your complexion type. Light enhancing pigments also help brighten and counteract dullness from the natural luster we lose as we age as well. They also help redirect light in a kinder way for wrinkles to make them appear less obvious.

Another makeup mistake is turning to a pink-tone foundation over a warmer yellow-toned one in hopes of adding some healthier color to the complexion. The pink color, especially on an older face can often look unnatural and flushed since most complexions have some beige to them. If you want to add a bit of pink, try mixing a little with another foundation for custom blending can make it more wearable.

Too Much Concealer Can Make Under Eye Problems Worse

Concealing products can work wonders for hiding darkness under the eyes. However, using too thick of a formula or piling on concealer can later accumulate in fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of a stick or pot form with a wax-like base, you might have more luck with a lighter texture product such as liquid form, especially a pen that you click to brush on for an easier, targeted application.

Too Heavy and Bold Eyeshadow Colors Can Seriously Age Older Eyes

Young eyes can wear basically any color, texture and formulation of eye shadow. On the other hand, older eyes do not have that same freedom if you want to avoid emphasizing wrinkles, dark circles, creepiness, and droopy lids. At this stage in life, less is often more. A shimmery neutral can open up the eye area in a lovely way.

Face Powder Can Add More Time to an Aging Face

Wearing face powder can set makeup and keep the complexion free from a shine. Consequently, it can also mask foundation enough to hide the skin’s luminosity. A better solution is reserving face powder just for the nose or T-zone where oil can become a problem.

The Wrong Blush and Its Placement Can Drag an Older Face Down

Blushes can give the face a gentle lift. A soft rose color in the proper place can add health and warm up the skin.

Lip Products Mistakes That Drag an Older Face Down

Aging lips often tend to have small lines above the mouth. To avoid calling attention to them, you don’t want your lip colors to bleed. Therefore, you should apply a lip liner before your lipsticks, lip glosses and liquid lipsticks to keep the color from spreading.

In either case, you should also think about lightening up your lip colors as well. Too dark of a shade minimizes the size of your lips, which already are thinning and less plump due to reduced amounts of collagen during the aging process.

These are just a few needless makeup mistakes that can add years to an older face. Hopefully, the tips presented here will help you keep your makeup look as young as possible.


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