Maximizing Kitchen Efficiency

interior maximizing kitchen efficiency
Organizing your kitchen space maximizes efficiency.


In an ideal world, we all would have the kitchen of our dreams with a place for everything we use. However, how many of us can say that we have enough space to accommodate our dishes, pots, pans, gadgets, tools, small appliances let alone the nonperishable foods we also may store there? Therefore, maximizing kitchen efficiency is important to simplify cooking and avoid chaos from an unorganized hunt for what we use on a daily basis. Here are some kitchen organizing tips that can help make your life easier.


Examine Unused Space for Storage Can Maximize Kitchen Efficiency


Though it’s not always possible to remodel a kitchen, the next best thing is finding ways to work with what you have. Inspect your kitchen and look for places that you might be able to fit wire shelves. Some are thin enough to slip into tight places for items such as cookie sheets and pans while others can be wall mounted.

Inside the doors of your cabinets, you might also want to add extra storage. If you have the room, a multi-tier rack is wonderful for further organizing.

Your kitchen may have cabinets that don’t extend completely to the ceiling. Depending on your design, this vacant space is valuable and can be used for some art, vases, cookie jar or tea pot collection, and other kitchen decor instead of cluttering your space.

Deep Corner cabinets are prime spots for turntables. They make access so much easier than when your stuff gets pushed too far back.

Open shelving is fantastic–only if you are able to keep your items from crowding. Too much of anything makes a messy appearance to ruin its beauty. One thought is investing in a set of bins or baskets of the same size that you hide what is stored there from public view.

Hanging pot racks are functional for a means of extra storage. For those that hate an open display, interior pot racks can just hang or come in a glide out design are another option.

The use of cup hooks was once popular years ago. These are those C-shaped hooks that have a screw to fasten them into place. You can buy them in hardware stores in a few sizes if you want to hang some larger gadgets like a ladle, spatula and whisk as well or other items around your house.


Grouping by Activity Also Helps Organize Kitchen Efficiency


Something that simplifies searching for various things in your kitchen is by grouping like items together. For example, take coffee making. If you don’t keep your coffee maker out on the counter or on your table, then consider a cabinet space of its own for the coffee maker, coffee, filters or pods, cups, creamers, etc.

You have another cabinet devoted to baking needs. Inside, you could store your electric mixer or mix master, mixing bowls, baking powder, soda, vanilla and extracts, spices, etc. to be ready for quicker access in one spot.

Repacking Dry Goods Saves Kitchen Space

Boxes of cereal or pasta take extra room. An easier way to save on space and keep what you touch frequently more sanitary and fresher is using plastic storage containers and sealed canisters. You can also take advantage of recycling large 40-oz. plastic food jars like a peanut butter jar to store dry goods like pasta, beans, rice, etc.

Plastic jars of the same size are ideal for storing in your pantry, cupboard or shelves over different size boxes.

What I like to do is to buy a bigger size box of pasta and separate it into two jars for various dinners. This saves me time from having to estimate the amount of pasta I need for a meal or having an opened box.

Maximizing kitchen efficiency keeps you from stashing away kitchen items that you’ll lose. It also makes chores easier with all the time that you’ll save.



  1. Lynne B
    December 28, 2018 / 12:03 am

    These are very helpful suggestions. I find that in small spaces where horizontal space is at a premium, vertical storage can be a solution. My sister-in-law uses your last strategy of re-packing cereal, pasta, etc to maximize storage space.

  2. gloria patterson
    May 11, 2019 / 12:40 pm

    Lots of good ideals here! I like the using 2 jars for pasta for 2 meals I find a lot of times that in one jar I never have enough left after using it once. I use glass jars to store all my stuff, and most of them I got from the thrift store. I use a sharpie and write dates on the jar and instructions if needed

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