How to Prevent Needless Aging From the Sun


How to Prevent Needless Aging From the Sun Girl Saving Her Skin From Catching Too Many Rays
Taking the right precautions will keep you looking younger longer to prevent needless aging from the sun.


The thought of looking older before our time is a frightening possibility. Yet, many of us are putting our skin in a vulnerable position when we fail to take proper precautions. When we take our skin for granted by taking only a minimum of effort to protect it, we are speeding up the aging process. After all, aging doesn’t happen overnight but through gradual accumulation. If we intend to keep a youthful visage and prevent needless aging from the sun, try these skin saving secrets to best safeguard your skin.

Saving Your Skin Means Using Sunscreen Even on Cloudy Days

Some people think that sunny days are the only time that wearing sunscreen should matter. While those damaging UV rays may be lessened from the cloud cover by 20%, your skin still is hit with 80% that can put it at risk. Another school of thought suggests that specific types of clouds can reflect the rays in such a way to make the radiation worse.  However, regular use of sunscreen is a way to prevent needless aging from the sun.

All Skin Colors Need a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Another misconception that some people have is dark complexions can skip using sunscreen because of all the natural pigment in their skin known as melanin. While those with black, brown or olive skin tones may have more, they still are prone to the same dangers of developing skin cancer and premature aging from deteriorating collagen, age spots, and uneven pigmentation. Make sure you read the product is proven to protect from both UVA and UVB rays.

Know Your Ideal Sunscreen Formula

Sunscreens formulas are either physical or chemical varieties physical sunscreen or sunblock bounces the sun’s rays from the skin with sun blocking agents like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Usually this type of sunscreen is a gentler form of protection for sensitive individuals that react easily to substances or suffer from skin eruptions. Unlike a chemical sunscreen a looser lotion, gel or spray, the physical sunscreen is usually thicker and has a white consistency that can be hard to rub into the skin.

Physical sunscreen formulas also are known to have nanoparticles. According to some studies, those tiny microparticles in this variety may enter the body and build up as a larger mass. Others dispute if those microparticles can make past the outermost layer of the epidermis. Nonetheless, the evidence is still out. However, you need to decide and, perhaps, follow the European lead of using only these formulas in lotions, instead of sprays that you could inhale those microparticles.

The Skin on Your Scalp Also Needs Saving

When you think about protecting your skin, we often neglect the scalp. Just because we have hair doesn’t mean that the sun cannot cause us damage there as well. A good idea is using a spray form of sunscreen since it is easier to target the area than applying a heavier cream or lotion that also will ruin the look of your hair.

Your Prescription Drugs Also Play a Role

Prescription drugs can have many effects. Besides helping the condition that you need them for, they also could make your skin react more easily to any sun. Ask your pharmacist and read the label for any specific warnings that could put your skin at risk.

Your Choice of Clothing Can Also Help 

Hats, especially with wide brims are wonderful for shielding the face from catching too many rays.

Another helpful way to save your skin, especially for those that burn easily is shopping for clothing with the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) label. This is a treated fabric that can help limit sun exposure.

While most of us gravitate toward white in the summer, this color doesn’t provide as much protection from the sun like a darker color.

Looking younger depends on treating your skin right when outdoors.  Make sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen with at SPF 30 every day!


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  1. Lynne B
    January 1, 2019 / 4:28 pm

    Sunblock was not a thing when I was growing up. It was called suntan lotion. I’m dealing with the consequences of that now.

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